Friday, April 29, 2011

30 Day WHAT I LIKE ABOUT BOYS Challenge: Post #18

{Post 119/365: Original Post: (18/30) Burgers, Boys & BEER}

I like a boy who is SUPPORTS me mentally, emotionally, spiritually and whatever other ways it is possible.
I am very strong but sometimes I can be weak and low and fragile just like anyone else. It is at these times I want the SUPPORT and understanding that my boys give me.
There is nothing in the world like knowing your husband, your sons, your friends are with you and support you throughout whatever trials come your way!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

30 Day WHAT I LIKE ABOUT BOYS Challenge: Post #17

{Post 118/365: Original Post: (17/30) Burgers, Boys & BEER}

I like a boy with a positive attitude who ENCOURAGES me to LOVE myself, BE myself and be MORE and BETTER every day. I have met many boys like this who listen and encourage me to follow my dreams and desires whatever they may be. They tell me they believe in me and I should believe in myself.
It is wonderful to have ANYONE behind you and encouraging you to try, to grow, to learn and to go forward in life and I appreciate each and every one of them.
Thank you for the encouragement! xo

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

30 Day WHAT I LIKE ABOUT BOYS Challenge: Post #16

{Post 117/365: Original Post: (16/30) Burgers, Boys & BEER}

Hmmm...I like boys with a sense of humour and I love to listen to them LAUGH!
One of the things I love most about my hubby is his laugh.
Even better is listening to him and his friends laugh like idiots over idiotic stuff. LOL
I really, REALLY love listening to him and our youngest son giggle.  They make stupid jokes about stupid things and then full on belly laugh at how ridiculous it is and it is one of the things in life that makes me smile and makes me feel content and happy.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

30 Day WHAT I LIKE ABOUT BOYS Challenge: Post #15

{116/365: Original Post: (15/30) Burgers, Boys & BEER}

Boys are COOL!
I'm not sure if I have the words to describe or explain it but, I LOVE boys for many reasons and one of the biggest is that they are COOL!! I guess some kind of definition for cool might be helpful so I have looked it up in the Wikipedia: Something regarded as cool is an admired aesthetic of attitude, behavior, comportment, appearance and style. Hmmmm...well I could not have said it better myself! lol
Boys live in a state of being that I call COOL and it is the meaning and desire behind WHY I love them and love hanging out with them so much!! I love ALL my boys and you all know who you are!! xoxo

Monday, April 25, 2011

30 Day WHAT I LIKE ABOUT BOYS Challenge: Post #14

{Post 115/365: Original Post: (14/30) Burgers, Boys & BEER}

I love a boy who loves his MOMMA!
A boy who loves his momma and treats her right is usually a guy who is gonna also treat YOU right!
If he has no patience or respect with his mother or he is frequently mean or treats her like she is an idiot you might want to watch him closely cause he might think or act some of those same ways towards you!
A mother is the woman he learns from and measures all other women by so if he has a good relationship with his mom it's a very good sign.  I love to watch my mother-in-law with all of her boys. She's raised three very sweet, funny, smart, loving boys and they always try to be that way with whoever they are with. Of course, sometimes they are still BOYS...there will always be those annoying things they do that drive us crazy lol but that's another whole post! ;) 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

30 Day WHAT I LIKE ABOUT BOYS Challenge: Post #13

{post 114/365: Original Post: (13/30) Burgers, Boys & BEER}

I love a boy who is a good UNCLE to his nephews and nieces, BROTHER to his siblings, SON to his father, FATHER to his sons and daughters, and HUSBAND to his wife, or BOYFRIEND to his girlfriend.

All of these aspects of a man are important and if he is good at one or more of these jobs you can be sure he is a GOOD man. A boy who takes these roles seriously and does his part to be a role model for the younger ones coming up behind him helps distinctly in the creation of MORE boys with responsibility and decency and continues a legacy of goodness. I like to see and know this man. I like to watch a man who nurtures. There is also an aspect of older boys and younger boys sharing all those quintessentially BOY things that all boys do...when they laugh over gross things, when they find the stupidest things absolutely hysterical, when the older and "wiser" boy teaches the younger what tools and ideas he has about life, when they are having fun and maybe even when they are helping each other deal with stress and sorrow or other hardships. 
I see these things sometimes with my own boys and especially now that they are older. It is beautiful.
When my oldest was young I could see him starving for this kind of attention and relationship. I raised him by myself until he was 6. I appreciate so much that he can be this older teacher for his younger brother and I know that the younger one is LUCKY to have it! 

30 Day WHAT I LIKE ABOUT BOYS Challenge: Post #12

{Post 113/365: Original Post: (12/30) Burgers, Boys & BEER}

I like boys who TELL THE TRUTH.
I've already said when a boy is your FRIEND he's got your back and he trusts you with his truth.  I've also said he will share with you another guy's truth especially when you are his friend and have his trust and loyalty and that OTHER GUY is after "something else"! lol
I appreciate ANYONE who tells the truth because I am a REAL person.  I will be real with you and I expect to receive the same in return. Boys who lie and play do not earn my trust or loyalty or heart. Nor should they. BUT, the boys who ARE real and true and honest earn my friendship and loyalty and trust and THAT is no small thing. ;)

Friday, April 22, 2011

30 Day WHAT I LIKE ABOUT BOYS Challenge: Post #11

{Post 112/365: Original Post: (11/30) Burgers, Boys & BEER}

Some boys can met your heart with a SMILE.
I think there are many smiles and many faces in the world and not all of them are sweet or genuine.
I like a boy with a sweet SMILE. I also have to admit that once in awhile I even appreciate a naughty one lol but my absolute fave is the smile you get from one of your gu friends when he hasn't seen you in awhile and he's missed you! BIG and HAPPY to see you!! :D

Thursday, April 21, 2011

30 Day WHAT I LIKE ABOUT BOYS Challenge: Post #10

{Post 111/365: Original Post: (10/30) Burgers, Boys & BEER}

The first thing I see and that totally catches my attention about boys is their EYES.
I am partial to blue eyes but really depending on the rest of the boy ANY colour works for me! ;)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

30 Day WHAT I LIKE ABOUT BOYS Challenge: Post #9

{Post 110/365: Original Post: (9/30) Burgers, Boys & BEER}

When a boy is your FRIEND then he tells the truth sometimes even brutally, he tells you his own truths and because you have given him your trust he also gives you his and then you can spend a lifetime with that boy KNOWING that he's GOT YOUR BACK. No matter what.
You might have disagreements now and then but, it won't matter cause he's decided you are his FRIEND and he'll keep you forever.
I love knowing my boys HAVE MY BACK.  They wouldn't allow me to go through life believing anything stupid about any other guy.  They'd always tell me the truth about them even if it hurts because the end result will be better. Guys know other guys so if you have a guy who is your best buddy, best friend...listen to him when he tells you that other pinhead is a schmuck...cause he knows stuff he ain't ever gonna tell ya but mostly he knows that other guy is a pinhead!! lol
Trust your boy to HAVE YOUR BACK...cause when they love ya...they do...all the way down the line.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

30 Day WHAT I LIKE ABOUT BOYS Challenge: Post #8

{Post 109/365: Original Post: (8/30) Burgers, Boys & BEER}

I love it when my boys DEFEND MY HONOUR.
They don't need to do this. I am quite capable of defending myself but, there is just something awesome about boys that feel loving and protective of you and so come to your defence against whatever or whoever.
I love being loved and respected and defended by my boys!
THANK YOU boys! xoxo :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

30 Day WHAT I LIKE ABOUT BOYS Challenge: Post #7

{Post 108/365: Original Post: (7/30) Burgers, Boys & BEER}

I like boys who LISTEN to what I have to say.
Whether it be advice that I give them or just that they HEAR whatever my interests are I appreciate when they give me their attention and LISTEN to me.
It makes me feel appreciated. It makes me feel that what I have to say matters as much as what they do and I am even more likely to then LISTEN to them as well.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

30 Day WHAT I LIKE ABOUT BOYS Challenge: Post #6

{Post 107/365: Original Post: (6/30) Burgers, Boys & BEER}
My father and I argued a LOT. Sometimes my mom would yell at us to "quit your fighting!" and dad and I would just look at each other, laugh and say, "we're not arguing! we are actually agreeing! LOUDLY!" lol
So apparently I got my need to FIGHT FOR FUN from all these arguments with my father.
There is nothing I like better than a man who can keep up with me and delight in the argument FOR FUN just as much as I do. I do not wish for it to be a REAL fight. I certainly do not wish for it to be a knock down drag out physical fight!! I just enjoy a war of words occasionally!
I LOVE boys who agree to FIGHT FOR FUN!
It tells me that they appreciate my thoughts and opinions EVEN if they are different and that I am WORTH the time and energy it takes to engage in an argument at all!! ;)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

30 Day WHAT I LIKE ABOUT BOYS Challenge: Post #5

{Post 106/365: Original Post: (5/30) Burgers, Boys & BEER}

I like boys who SMELL GOOOOOOOOD! ;)
Most of my guy friends know this cause I'm sure I've told them all at some point...mmmmmm you smell good! lol  I just can't help it!
My father wore Old Spice. For a long time after he died the smell of it always made me think of him and feel a little sad but, now that has gone away.  Hubby wears Old Spice and I like how it smells on him so I think we have created new and happy memories with that smell!
My ex brother-in-law used to wear Drakkar Noir and I LOVED that smell on him! Very good! ;)
I bought it for hubby once but it wasn't my fave one for him to wear. Sometimes something that works for one person isn't that great for another!
I bought him Raw Vanilla once for christmas and I have to say that one was my absolute favourite!!
Sadly it has been discontinued and we can no longer buy it! :( For some reason the smell of vanilla on my man makes him delicious!! haha
He also smells very manly in Aspen. ;) lol
However, if you are a big fan of POLO please don't come too close to me!! YUCK!
Once there was a boy where I worked that wore something and I'm not sure if I remember what it was...I think he said Swiss Army but, I think every girl working in the store and maybe even ones who came in shopping would follow him anywhere! That boy smelled like heaven!! hehehehe
I actually have a funny story about the night I met hubby and it is possible that it was Aspen he was wearing that night.  He and I had gone out partying with separate people and after the night was winding to a close went to get some subs for munchies and we ended up in the same sub shop.  His cousin knew my brother and they got to talking and were invited to come over to our house and hang out. Apparently, I had a little bit too much tequila and was VERY flirty! 
So hubby and I were flirting with each other and I asked him if I could smell him!
I am way shy so this is way weird behaviour for me! Please believe me! But, he liked me so he said it was ok and he smelled GOOOOOOOOD!! lol so we've been together ever since!! :)
So maybe sometimes it is ok to be a little more daring than usual! ;) :)

30 Day WHAT I LIKE ABOUT BOYS Challenge: Post #4

{Post 105/365: Original Post: (4/30) Burgers, Boys & BEER}

Oops I missed a day! :(
Anyway, back on track in a minute! ;)

I like a boy who is STRONG.
Yes, I mean physically! Though, I also like a boy who is mentally and spiritually strong as well.
I like that my man is bigger than me or at least TALLER lol and can handle all the things that we as girls think we "NEED" men for.  I'm quite capable of doing things myself and even though I am sometimes not as strong physically as a man I can still use my brain power to figure out how to do what needs to be done. BUT, I appreciate having a man to do those things for me.
When I was a single mom, for six years while my two older children were small, I did the things that needed to be done. I bought my children a wagon. I had to build it myself. I really wasn't strong enough to tighten the bolt at the base of the handle and so eventually it would get so loose it would fall off and I would have to "fix" it to the best of my ability again! AND again! AND yet again! I carried a little screwdriver and wrench in my purse for these occasions! LOL
Eventually, one of my guy friends put his brute strength to work and tightened that bolt so I didn't have to have these little broken down wagon fiasco's out and about with my hot, tired, cranky kids! lol
So, I have to say. I LIKE having a man in my life and in my house that can do the things that require strength I don't have and I must also say, I enjoy WATCHING him work!! ;)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

30 Day WHAT I LIKE ABOUT BOYS Challenge: Post #3

{Post 104/365: Original Post: (3/30) Burgers, Boys & BEER}

There is nothing I like more in this world than a SMART boy who challenges me and makes me think!
The best way to get to me is to have a good sharp, mind and to USE it!
I love to have an intelligent, witty conversation with a boy partly because he has a different perspective than my own and partly because it reminds me that I am also intelligent and capable of having spirited discussions also!
What I love and appreciate even more is having that conversation and recognizing the MOMENT when that boy realizes that I AM just as smart as he is and fully capable of matching wits with him! LOL
It is quite fun, especially if you know you are talking to a boy who thinks that women are stupid. (Sadly, there are many of those.)
I also appreciate boys minds because the are often much more practical and logical than me so it gives me a perspective I might not have by myself since I am an emotion, feeling driven individual.
I enjoy SMART boys very much!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

30 Day WHAT I LIKE ABOUT BOYS Challenge: Post #2

{Post 103/365: Original Post: (2/30) Burgers, Boys & BEER}

I like SWEET boys.  Sometimes they can really melt your heart with their sweetness.
There are hundreds of things they can do to be sweet and any of them can make your day.
Every time they are willing to share something with you or bring you a present for no reason or just to let you know they are thinking of you.
Every time they send you a text to let you know they miss you.
If you are sick and miserable and they make you a cup of tea or cook you some soup and bring it to you in bed.
Every time they remind you to take your meds, eat something (when you are a diabetic) or make sure you have a cup of tea handy.
Every time they know your heart hurts for whatever reason and they do something just to make you smile.
Every time they tell you that you look beautiful even though you KNOW you look tired and OLD!
They are being sweet and thoughtful.
Thank you to all my BOYS for filling my life with your sweetness! xo

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

30 Day WHAT I LIKE ABOUT BOYS Challenge: Post #1

{Post 102/365: Original Post: (1/30) Burgers, BOYS & BEER}

Boys are FUN!
Sometimes they do crazy, insane things but usually it's just because they are having and creating their own little bits of FUN in life! I appreciate their energy and laughter and mischievous spirit!

Once when we had a Tues/Fri my boys got a hold of  my son's snowboard and each took turns sliding down the hill in our front yard. It's a small, short hill, they were all drinking together and hanging out during their time off work and they were having a total blast being completely drunk and silly! lol
What's not to love about a bunch of boys having fun together? It is awesome to be a part of it! :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sparkle Goddess

{Post 101/365}
I feel the need to curl up in a ball and ignore the world.
I'm tired and irrational and there's really no reason for it.
I made sparkle goddesses today and they made me feel good.
I wish it were that easy to find joy and happiness every day.
But, sometimes I struggle.

Hoping tomorrow will be a better day.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Vibrant and Dancing Goddesses

{Post 100/365: Original Post: Musing Whimsical}

(woooohoooooo I have posted my 100th post!!!! 265 to go!! :D yay!!)

I have spent the day playing in PSP and making beautiful little feel good graphic goddesses. I hope they will bring someone else as much joy as they have brought me! I have made many and hope to put them in a Facebook app for people to send to their friends.  If you like them feel free to save and use however you like.
I’m just sharing my love and heart and joy!

Dancing Goddess

Vibrant Goddess

Hope you like them!
:) :) :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

SoulCollage: Queen

{Post 99/365: Original Post: FEEL ME}
This is my very first card in SoulCollage.
I find the idea and process very interesting.
You can read, learn and begin your own SoulCollage process HERE:
For quick understanding SoulCollage is the process of honouring 
your inner voices and life guides by making SoulCollage cards for each of them.  
Throughout the process you learn a deeper understanding of who you are.
I appreciate the depth of this soul searching and I hope to learn many things for and about myself!
With each card you do a "I AM the One Who"... exercise to ear and recognize the voice and it's lessons for your life.
One of the "I AM the One Who" exercise's quotes:
I am the one who is powerful.

Friday, April 8, 2011


{Post 98/365: Original Post: Verisimilitude}

 Theodore Roosevelt said:

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

Yoda said:

"Do or do not, there is no try."

Hmmmmmmmmm....I am trying everyday to DO something...anything...instead of sitting and obsessing about all the things I NEED or I don't have or I want because it will make doing easier.
They are all excuses. Simply decide what you want to do and DO it!
Find the silver lining, think positively instead of negatively, if you only have half the stuff you need to make something...make the half you can and do the rest later, if you don't have all the ingredients for a recipe...try another one or better yet, throw caution to the wind and invent a new dish! What's the worst that can happen? It tastes gross?? At least you tried! Maybe, you even found out that you have a talent you weren't aware of! If you didn't go to school and get an education and you want to learn something...READ everything you can on the subject from any source you can find and teach YOURSELF!
You are everything you need to be fantastic, fabulous, awesome, intelligent, capable, independent, useful and any other power word you can use!
All you need to do is believe in YOU!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

30 Day Challenges

{Post 97/365: Original Post: ReadWriteRock}
Starting January 1, 2011 I began a 365 day Creativity Challenge and I began writing a blog post a day.  I am somewhere around post 95 or 96 right now and sometimes I have a bit of trouble thinking of things to write about.
Last year I did a 30 day challenge on Facebook where I posted a picture a day and whatever information was meant to go with it to explain.  I thoroughly enjoyed doing that.  It kept my brain busy and gave me a list of things to think about.  It's not that I haven't written lists and lists of blog topics but, sometimes I just draw a total blank with any of those topics and can't even begin to write about them.  For some reason a 30 day challenge seems to be good incentive for me. It's ONLY 30 days after all and not quite as daunting as 365!! So I have decided some of the rest of my 365 blog posts are going to be part of a few different 30 day challenges.  I have a few to choose from. If I don't get them finished in this 365 challenge then maybe I will start a new one...or maybe I will just do 30 day challenges now and then because I find them amusing! 
At any rate, keep your eyes open for some of my blogs to sport some of my 30 day challenges in the future.  I hope to write:

If I think of any more, which I'm sure I will I will add them in later. In the meantime I have quite a few to choose from and eventually I hope to do them ALL! Wish me luck!! :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Verb Verse

{Post 96/365: Original Post: KD Bissonette on Triond}
Dance, Move, Listen
Flow, Sparkle, Whirl
Music is the sound and feel of poetry in motion.


{Post 95/365: Original Post: KD Bissonette on Triond}
My real name is Dawn
Yesterday my name was tired from shopping for groceries
Today my name is tired from moving my office
Tomorrow my name will be cooks dinner for son
In my dreams my name is Stephen King

Monday, April 4, 2011

Breaking Question of the Day

{Post 94/365: Original Post: BREAKING QUESTIONS}

She was getting along in age and married the first serious guy that asked her.A few years into the unhappy marriage,she falls in love with another man and wants to elope with her kids…BREAKING QUESTION OF THE DAY….Does the woman follow her heart or stay and fulfill the for better or worse part of her marriage???

Let’s talk about the vows that we take.
A traditional set of vows:
“I, (Name),
Take you, (Name),
To be my (wife/husband);
To have and to hold,
From this day forward,
For better, for worse,
For richer, for poorer,
In sickness and in health,
To love and to cherish,
‘Till death do us part.” (or, “As long as we both shall live.”)
These are not just words that we say.  These are VOWS that we take in front of a group of witnesses, our family and friends that mean we promise to commit to making them true willingly, continuously throughout life.
If you don’t think that you can commit to these vows then maybe a different more modern set would be more appropriate. A marriage is not a fairy tale story or the ending to happily ever after.  It is the beginning to a life spent trying to hold to another person through thick and thin, bad and good, the ebbs and flows of life! It isn’t an easy or light decision. It is SERIOUS!
Why do you vow “to have and to hold from this day forward” if you don’t mean and intend for that other person to be the ONE person that you can share all the joys and sorrows of life with from now on?
To promise “for better, for worse” means you will stand beside them no matter what comes your way.  Whatever your life experiences, trials or tests you vow to stay with that person through all of them.
I think it is self evident what “for richer, for poorer” means.  You commit to go on the journey together whether that means you live in squalor and at least have each other , or you live “high on the hog” and have everything your heart could dream of.
“In sickness and in health” means NO MATTER what accident, illness, infirmity, disease or disaster befalls either of you, you have promised to stand beside your mate through all or any of them.
But, most importantly and what gives the ability to stand through all the rest is “to love and to cherish as long as we both shall live.”
IF there is no LOVE these vows will surely begin to chafe…pretty quickly I would think.  Then you have people on both sides breaking them without thought or care for each other.
These are vows: an earnest promise to commit to an act or behave in a certain manner and IF you can hold to them throughout your life that is commendable but, let us remember that we are all human and we all make mistakes.  Some people take these vows without serious comprehension of what they are promising. Some people take these vows knowingly and willingly being false because they are afraid to get old and never marry, they are afraid to be alone, they are afraid to lose a relationship with a person who is more committed than they really are, they are pregnant and want to do right by their child, it is convenient for them at the time, and probably still many other less than perfect reasons. Some people take these vows with full intentions of keeping them and something happened that made breaking them a much better solution.
I think in life there are many things to consider and each of those vows can have a limit to which we can reach and go no further. There ARE times when breaking a vow is BETTER for your own well being than staying and causing more damage not only to yourself but, also to the people around you-family, friends, your children. You must weigh and measure all until you find a decision that works for you and brings your heart peace.
I believe in marriage and I believe in these vows.
I have been married twice.
The first time it was my intention to hold to my vows from start to finish because that is who I am.  I don’t quit.  I hold to ONE man and I KNOW I can do that. The thing is that it takes TWO people to be equally committed and equally in love and equally willing to hold to each other and KEEP these vows.
Unfortunately in this world there are MANY weak and selfish people who do not think of their mate but, only themselves.  In which case they are NOT loving or cherishing you and have in fact, reneged on their own vows.
This is what happened to me.
I believe that for “better, for worse” actually means hanging tough together throughout all the things that life has to throw at you both positive and negative.  I do NOT believe it includes people who actively, knowingly, willingly, deliberately and otherwise CREATE worse by their actions.  If you think you are a person who can handle sticking through all the damage that can cause by all means give it a go but, I was NOT. I am NOT.
Maybe I could have if it was only one issue here and there but, it was MANY on top of many all designed to squash me like a bug and deliberately belittle me, abuse me, weaken me, isolate me etc.
He reneged on his vows to love, honour and cherish me and as a result I divorced his sorry ass! I agonized over that decision.  My vows meant something to me.  For a long time I felt like a quitter.  However, I made the RIGHT decision and when I look back at that mess that was my life I KNOW this.
YOU are the only person who can know and decide whether your marriage is compromised and therefore it is time to leave it or it is fixable and you can and should invest your heart and soul and time into rebuilding it.
Marriage is NOT a fairy tale.  It is HARD work.  The most constant thing in life is that things CHANGE.  If they stay the same and stagnant where is the life in that?  Two people have to be able to love and respect and flow and change with each other, for each other, because of each other.  Otherwise what is the point?

I Stand Up For MYSELF

{Post 93/365: Original Post: I AM a QUEEN}
Part of being a strong, capable, independent queen is knowing when it is time to stand up for yourself. Sometimes there are occasions in life when people take advantage of your sweetness or goodness or inability to say no to them.
It is good to learn and cultivate the ability to say NO without feeling guilty.
Time for yourself is imperative. Knowing when it is time to say No and learning to say it is also important. It is also imperative that you know yourself well enough to understand WHEN you are allowing people to walk over you or treat you like a door mat and learn to assert yourself. Your voice should be heard too. Your opinion matters just as much. Be careful you don't just let everyone else have their way without even expressing to them what your needs and desires are as well.
Don't be afraid to say, "I don't think I want to do that, I think I would prefer this instead!" You don't have to please everyone else all the time. Sometimes it IS ok that you want them to accommodate you as well! ;)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pain is NOT my friend.

{Post 92/365: Original Post: Sucks To Be ME}

 A week ago I found out for the first time yet what it feels like to have one of the cysts on my kidneys burst.  It is not fun or pleasant. It hurts.
I was laid up in bed for a week. I've spent the last couple of days resting as well because I don't want that to happen again any time soon!
Thankfully, tylenol takes the edge off and the heating pad relieves some of the pain.
Thank GOD for that because I really can't spend a week in the hot bath tub!! LOL
The thing about being stuck in bed is that you think about all the things that you need to do and can't right now and it can be very frustrating.
The thing about being in pain like that is that it is a constant throb and causes stress on your body and mind.  It is very difficult to concentrate on anything or focus so I had a hard time keeping up with my blogs and I had to "cheat" by posting things I had written previously. So, I decided maybe I should just write all the time and save the finished stories and posts to a folder for sick days! LOL
But, the thing is when you get back to normal again real life comes crashing back into focus and you're back to your same routine again of laundry, dishes and other housework and any other extra projects you've set for yourself for the week or the month.  Since I am a terribly unorganized individual there is really no regular way in which I keep track of all these things so what's next is whatever comes into my head or pops into my attention first.
I do try to write lists for myself but sometimes I lose them and sometimes I JUST don't FOLLOW them. So all I can do is keep trying to get my "stuff" together and hope with time I DO get better at it!
In the healthy pain free times I will try to keep myself busy and write extra things in case of the next "bursting cyst" moment.
Some parts of living with my diseases depresses and frustrates me MUCH.
I don't like the pain.  IT is NOT my friend.
BUT, I have decided I REFUSE to let it get me down OR at the very least KEEP me down! I will take the down time when it comes as a moment to collect my thoughts and take a deep breath before jumping in feet first again and running full tilt at the speed my brain requests of me.  It will be like the calm before the storm.
AND I think that I can do that.  I can use those times as breathing space, calm, down time to rest and replenish for the up times.  Full speed ahead!

Friday, April 1, 2011

AJ's Basket

{Post 91/365: Original Post: What I Want MY Children to KNOW}

tiny wicker baby bassinet

inner lining sewn with love

sweater outfit placed tenderly

bonnet and booties
never to be worn
tiny baby boy bathing suit
and rubber duckies
from big brother
ceramic teddy bear 
and teddy bear candle
from sissy
an easter egg
a Christmas stocking
a birthday bear
month of December
and cookie monster baby toys
with love from mommy and daddy
and your baby book
folded up in a baby blanket 
and cover crocheted by momma
the book holds
our sleeping dream
in the pockets
a crocheted flower
a lost baby pocket
seashells for peace
a tiny crocheted baby blanket
a baby brush
momma's home test -positive
sympathy cards
your baby calendar
filled in, until...
a book for mommy's thoughts
of sorrow, of anguish
as she and daddy grieved your loss
once I lit a candle for you
but I need to no longer
I carry you with me always
and even more
when I look at the tattoo
over my heart
angel baby
I wish you could have stayed with me
but I love you no less
because you could not
your basket of things
sets my heart at ease

*love you forever*
mommy xo