Tuesday, January 31, 2012


{Post: 31/365}
scented aroma
in the air
flame flickering
triple wicked
in tealight houses
soft lighting
creating the illusion
of homes
dancing flames
of light

Monday, January 30, 2012


{Post: 30/365}
what is a name
but a reflection
and part of who we are
a name means something
to the namer
and to the named
I am touched 
every time
you say Mojirayo
it feels like
you see me
and understand
who I am
even more 
than I do myself
"I awoke to see joy"
is an acknowledgement
of my heart
and soul
and even when
I feel sad
the name you have given me
reminds me
to lift myself up 
and FIND joy
to wake myself up
and SEE joy
to live my life
and BE joy
thank you

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fasting Blood Sugars

{Post: 29/365}
(for all the other diabetics out there who I'm sure hate fasting blood sugars too!!)

why do they ask
a diabetic
to fast for 14 hour blood sugars
I mean I understand
they need to know
if your sugars are managed
but don't they know
how miserable fasting can be?
I eat every two hours
not a whole meal
not a lot
but something
and if I miss a meal
or am late eating
I get the shakes
I get really, really BITCHY
and cranky
I can also get dizzy, weak 
and an upset tummy
and then...
other things that we don't want to discuss
this may happen if I have gone an extra hour or two
past my eating schedule
can you imagine what happens
when I have not eaten 
for 14 hours!?
fasting blood sugars SUCK
and I wish there was another way
to get this information
I'm taking
Diamicron (gliclazide)
and Insulin
every day
morning sugars can already be a 5
so when I fast
I wake up in a LOW
VERY low
I am fasting after dinner
and tomorrow will be an ordeal!
Find another way to get
fasting blood sugars!!!

Can't Sleep

{Post: 28/365}
aching head
mind racing
lay staring
at the wall
of what to do
of what I haven't done yet
of restlessness
needing change
can't sleep
I need

Friday, January 27, 2012

Popcorn Thieves

{Post: 27/365}
I am craving
the taste of
for a snack
but someone
has been in my cupboards
and taken the last package!
hah hah
I have another package
hidden in my snack drawer
such a shame I have to hide
my popcorn
from the popcorn thief...
my SON!
and now I smell 
the warm and buttery
of popped popcorn
in the air
about to sit and relax
with my tasty treat
and HUBBY says
and proceeds to eat MY popcorn!
Popcorn Thieves!!

30 Day WHAT I LIKE ABOUT BOYS Challenge: Post #30

{Post 131/365: Original Post:(30/30) Burgers, Boys & BEER}

I like a boy who thinks he is smarter than me but actually isn't.
I find delight in showing a boy just how much brain I actually have and it is fun to match wits with them. It is better when they appreciate your intelligence and also enjoy matching wits with you.  I do NOT like boys who think they are smarter than me and do NOT recognize that I am NOT stupid.
Sometimes in that case I am tempted to show them up...but, there wouldn't really be much point or fun in it.
It is enough for me to know that I could if I wanted to. ;)
The best fun is a smart boy who thinks he's dealing with another "dumb" girl only to see in a short period of time...heyyyyyyy this one can actually have a conversation! The look on their faces is priceless!

Bad Dreams

{Post: 26/365}
drifting up 
from deep sleep
to the place of dreams
could be pleasant
but more often than not
is plagued with
bad feelings
sometimes fear
sometimes strangeness
last night I was
I managed to reach the shore
and then found myself
covered in leeches
and seaweed
I hate these things!
creepy and disturbing dream
but at least
it wasn't violent or bloody
which sometimes they are
dream meanings
are sometimes difficult to decipher
but apparently
I am drained emotionally
by negative thoughts
and need to trust my own instincts
more often
so says a dream dictionary!
who really knows...
I can do wthout
the leeches!
the seaweed!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Qualities I Look For in a Friend

{Post: 25/365}
show up
show an interest in me
share your story
be real with me
value me for what I bring to the bond
be willing to share what you bring
value similarities we share
teach me the value of our differences
be willing to listen to my issues
as often as I will listen to yours
bring me some fun
and a light heart
the laughter and joy of companionship
be trustworthy with my secrets
be vulnerable enough to trust me with yours
let me be ME
and know that I will accept you as well
be a light in my life
my friend

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ode to Footwear

{Post: 24/365}
warm woolly socks inside lace-up combat boots
leopard print pumps
summer flip flops in various colours
warm, soft, fuzzy slippers
boots with zippers, buckles and chains
platform boots with red flames!
silver wedding slippers
burgundy pointed toe mules
hot pink pointy-toed ass kickin boots!
comfy, worn, old cowboy boots
chunky heeled lace and zipper up boots
my favourite converse-like painted on KISS shoes
summer slip-on wedge sandals
pumps in various colours
2" burgundy slingbacks
fabulous red/blue colour changing "dancing" pumps
warm, fleecy, soft, comfy bootie slippers
beaded, leather moccasins
gorgeous 3" heel ruched black "hooker" boots (that's what my friends and pop call them!)
pumps, wedge sandals and mules with lace, roses, sparkles and bows
in all the colours of the rainbow
but mostly black, burgundy, blue, green and sometimes red
and even more than these...
BUT most of all
I LOVE to go barefoot!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Things That BUG Me

{Post: 23/365}
ants in the house
putting in a movie and having to rewind
cleaning kitty litter
boys who leave the toilet seat up
cigarettes in the toilet
onions in my food
raunchy or graphic sex scenes in movies...I have an imagination!
liars, cheaters, wife beaters...equally disturbing
spelling errors even though I'm not perfect either
getting red-lined by a spell checker when I spell CANADIAN words!
writing a whole blog post that disappears before it's saved
aching kidneys from cold, burst cysts, infection or at all
gout in my feet and being unable to walk without excruciating pain
not remembering how to work the tv remotes and having to ask one of my boys to explain...AGAIN!
getting warm and cozy and relaxed with kitties and needing to get up for any reason!
my husband (just kidding) :oP 
people who assume because I'm messy that it's ok to add to the mess
people who throw their junk in my corner...I clean mine (or don't)...YOU clean yours!
other people cleaning my kitchen and then not being able to find my things :(
(I really do appreciate the help)
hubby stealing MY popcorn!! (which he JUST did!!) grrrrrrrrr
finding Papa Yeti on the floor
songs that I hate that get stuck in my head (we all hate that!)
not being able to drink beer with my boys! :(
when things that make normal people tired actually make me feel exhausted
days when I am tired for no reason especially when I have had plenty of sleep
missing favourite shows
losing my internet connection
going camping for a weekend and it being cool and overcast all the days... 
except the one when we're packing to go home
and tonnes more things I can't think of!!!!

Playing with Poetry Generator

{Post: 22/365} ...oops day late :S
The Morning's Bananas
The morning dwells on the ocean's delight.
A wanderer lingers in fermented bananas.
Ah, but a red rose dances to Eternity's water!

The sun calls forth well-deserved volcanoes.
And yea!
My love quivers in the sorrow of purple ecstasy.
Yea, the sorrow of purple ecstasy!

Created with: 
Poetry Generator

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dance of Love

{Post: 21/365}
Magnetic Poetry:
the warm whisper
of your passionate caress
lingers on my skin
I am a wild woman
the goddess of your dreams
the delicious honey
of your sacred kiss
tantalizes me
your magnificent smile
causes my heart to soar
and your lips
taste like champagne
and create in me
a desire to dance
a soft and subtle
dance of love

Friday, January 20, 2012

Playing With a Poetry Generator

{Post: 20/365}
Poetry Generator:
My love for Hubby is so great,
my heart melts for him 'til the dusk of day.
The night fights when he's away,
sings, laughs 'til day's dawn. 

His beauty is great,
Wondering mind 'til he sees,
dancing is all I do,
While waiting for the moment, for him to say "I do."


Thursday, January 19, 2012


{Post: 19/365}
an ancient sentinel
and witness
of the passage
of time
of life
if you could ask them
a question
what would you ask?
what knowledge
of life
and of the earth
they must have
what deep and vibrant 
of the vibes
and energy
of all living things
what knowledge
of beauty and horror
they must hold 
in the fibre of their
ancient being
and then
to relinquish life
and return to the earth
I wish that they could speak
or that I could understand what they 
already try to say

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shine a LIGHT

{Post: 18/365}
life is full
of sorrow
and hardship
sometimes it is hard
to find the light

we look to our friends
for comfort
and encouragement
even then it is hard
to see the light

each of us
has a beauty
inside us
we must remember that
we ARE the light

when we see
the truth
and the power
we carry inside
we share our own light

find the power
and flame
inside yourself
and share it with the world

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

If I Were an Angel

{Post: 17/365}
If I Were an Angel
I would wish to give my heart
to all of those
lost and afraid
and heal them from the pain

If I were an angel
I would wish to share my soul
to all of those
lost and unaware
and shine on them a light of love

If I were an angel
I would wish to touch each heart
to lift their eyes
and open pathways
of compassion and understanding for themselves

I am not an angel
and yet I would do these things
with all my heart and soul
and I see no reason why I cannot
for to share love and light and joy is a GIFT.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hangover Breakfast

{Post: 16/365}
it has been
a long long time
since I needed
a hangover breakfast

some mornings
too far past
the hangover breakfast

but usually
it was the only 
hangover cure
a greasy hangover breakfast

hubby and I
would drag ourselves out of bed
early enough
to make McDonald's breakfast

and it was
the one bright spot
after a drunken revelry
to enjoy our hangover breakfast together

Sunday, January 15, 2012


{Post: 15/365}
you are the muse
who inspires me
to muse
an amusing
and sometimes deep
search for 
I am a muse as well
as I amuse
words, ideas and musings
of my spirit
and my heart
all inspired by
the muse
showed me how
to be my own muse

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Story of Two Lilac Trees

{Post: 14/365}
the first tree
was purchased
from a mail order catalogue
it was special
and cost twenty dollars
it was planted and grew for a year in my yard
transplanted to my mom's yard
when I moved home
it was years away from blooming
but there was hope...
and then...
a younger brother
and a lawn mower mishap
my lilac tree was mulched!

the second tree
was purchased
from the same catalogue
another chance
and hope renewed
it was planted in the front yard
and surrounded with it's own little white fence
but alas...
another younger brother (hubby's this time)
and a truck parked on the very spot
above the snow
and after the spring thaw...
poor lilac baby was dead!

My lesson?
DON'T purchase fancy lilac trees
and plant them anywhere 
that little brother's travel!!
(just kidding guys)


Friday, January 13, 2012


{Post: 13/365}
feet tucked in beneath them
recliner bottom up
snugged deep into my spot
kitty warming my feet
another warming my side
comfy as can be
snug as a bug in a rug
and now...
I need to move!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


{Post: 12/365}
she is
a hon bun
a goddess

she knows this
not only because 
hubby says so
but because
it is TRUTH

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ode to Salad

{Post: 11/365}
I love a
tossed salad
cherry tomatoes
chunks of cheese
creamy ranch dressing
baby spinach
sliced strawberries
slivered almonds
raspberry vinaigrette
spring mix
chunks of apple
pecan halves
dried cranberries
 creamy raspberry poppyseed dressing

I also love a
pasta salad
chopped celery
chunks of pepperoni
chunks of cheese
chopped green peppers
and a bit of
olive oil and parsley
chunks of chicken
mandarin orange sections
red grapes cut in half

and once in awhile
just a simple
can rock my world
shredded cabbage
shredded carrots

I NEED a yummy salad!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


{Post: 10/365}
It's a
Out of sorts
In a snit
Feelin Yucky
Lazing in my Bed
kind of day

Wordle Poem

{Post: 9/365}


Wordle: I AM a QUEEN

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Once Upon a Time

{Post: 8/365}
Once Upon a Time
there was a tv show
with an evil queen
i hate hate hate
only second to the evil little man
but there is also
the catalyst for change
and memory
emma swan
and the boy who remembers
who they all are
with his love of fairytale stories
the war of good vs. evil
marches on...


{Post: 7/365}
big yawn
comfy pjs
soft pillows
clean sheets
warm blankets
cuddle buddy
 sleep time

Friday, January 6, 2012


{Post: 6/365}
pretty little lady
white calico
sweet disposition
big green eyes
she mooches my food
soft paw placed on my knee
but not everything
she likes pasta
and her favourite is ham
she'll come for a cuddle
and a kiss on the head
but then is off running again
she likes to chase mice
a talent learned from momma
the red fake one is best 
and makes her meow
which is the most noise she ever makes 
quiet little dignified lady

Thursday, January 5, 2012


{Post: 5/365}
Pretty little baby
soft little furball
came with brother
Our Baby Bug.

Pretty little princess
calico beauty
more timid than brother
Our Princess Bug

Big round belly
Momma to be
ugghhh that brother
Our beauty, Lady Bug

Proud little momma
two litters of kittens
fixed that brother!!
Our sweet Momma Bug

Two litters of three
Two didn't make it, four left
one a home, two lost and one here
Relaxed Queen Momma Bug

Snarky old momma
Hisses at her daughter
no more brother (lost) 
Our Snarky Momma Bug.

Be safe old momma
it is dangerous outside
too many lost, too sad
Stay with me AGES, MY Precious Lady Bug.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


{Post: 4/365}
Hey sista!
Miss ya!


I know, I know I'm ODD but it rhymed and it made me giggle!
SO....it is today's POEM!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


{Post: 3/365}
Am I childish
because I hurt
that I am alone
no effort made 
to remind me
I am still loved?

Am I childish
because I want
to know 
that i am NOT alone
that I am worth
the effort required
to be loved?

Then I am childish.

Monday, January 2, 2012


{Post: 2/365}

Wordle Poem (based on original poem Acceptance)

it is better
to understand
and accept
as a human thing

it is better
to know
and accept
that our failings
are lessons and just part of our journey

it is better
to believe
and accept
that we CAN change
and grow into a better version of ourselves

it is better
to try
and accept
the things we cannot change are OK
and CHANGE all the things that we CAN

it is better
to grow
and accept
that life is moving forward
and following the flow is good

Wordle: Acceptance

Sunday, January 1, 2012

365 Days of Poetry: Post #1

{Post: 1/365}
Rhetorical Question Poem:

I wonder if they like being jelly beans?
I suppose they do
They always look so colourful and smell so sweet
They never have to dress warm for the winter
Some people always have them sitting pretty in a candy dish
They make me smile and think happy thoughts from my childhood