Tuesday, August 30, 2011


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I'm working on 6 floral centerpieces for my friend's wedding in September and spent the day clipping flower stems and punching them into little styrofoam balls sitting on top of wooden sticks...I need to do ribbons and pearl bead butterfly decorations to finish them and then I have 4 corner swags to make as well.
Here are some pics of the work in progress:

Work stuff on the table! 
Gonna do all the ribbons and pearl beads next then fill out all 6 with whatever ribbons I have left ;)


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I'm SO looking forward to the kid going back to school and NOT filling my living room with the sounds of Halo Reach and all the friends he plays it with. He's now got the use of an original Xbox head set so now he's able to talk to all of them instead of just listen to them.
It can be interesting to say the least listening to a bunch of kids decide what's next in their game and seeing how many of them play the same way he does! lol
Anyway, I'm glad he has an amusement but, I'm just saying I will cherish the silence when I get it back and can hear my own self THINK!! ;)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sept. 19, 2011

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Woohoo appt. to get my tattoo!! :D
Gettin excited and can't wait!!


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Hmmm...I think I really want one.
Is it a substitute for a baby? Dogs and kids are so much work!
I say that it will be Gib's dog but, I'm pretty sure we all know that it's gonna be momma's...just like all the cats are too!
I'm NOT sure I AM ready to do all the work but, I am sure it would be a very good experience for Gibby and I'd like him to have a dog. I'd like him to learn responsibility for something other than his xbox which I might add he is not the greatest at cleaning up after! So I sure hope he will love the dog enough to care properly for him!
Anyway, I will think some more about it and it will be conditional upon whether or not he shows his dad and I any improvement in the aforementioned xbox cleaning-up-after-playtime!
Good luck Gibby! Work HARD!!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011


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10 Things to DO to LEARN to VALUE Yourself! #10

{Post 237/365: Original Post: I AM a QUEEN}

Appreciate nature.
Take time to smell the roses.
Taking time to appreciate nature allows you some peace and quiet for thinking, renewing your spirit and otherwise relieving any stresses you may be feeling. It's just another version of me time but, I've always found the beauty and feeling of nature can just put life in perspective quicker than many other things.
Try it! You may be surprised!

10 Things to DO to LEARN to VALUE Yourself! #9

{Post 236/365: Original Post: I AM a QUEEN}

Keep a journal.
Keep track of all the events and accomplishments you have achieved daily. No matter how small it is if it is positive and good it will add to the list and remind you that you DO have abilities and capabilities in life.
You can also journal about the things you feel sad and bad about and look back at them later and remind yourself that it was only a small moment in a BIG and full life.
Journalling allows you to vent and express emotions, needs and desires that maybe can't be spoken out loud to family or friends but written down at least gives you an outlet to express them.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

10 Things to DO to LEARN to VALUE Yourself! #8

{Post 235/365: Original Post: I AM a QUEEN}

Make ME time.
Whether it is a few minutes a day, a full day once a week, a weekend once a month or whatever other time frame works for you it is good to make time for yourself. Pamper yourself, have a relaxing bath, read a good book or whatever it is that allows you to feel relaxed and comfortable and recharge yourself to take on life again.
We all need time to ourselves to assess and even reassess what we are feeling, what we want, if we are on our right path or going in the right direction.
We need a place of peace and quiet for thinking. or whatever it is that allows us to spend time on and with ourselves and to realize both that we need this time and attention and that we DESERVE to have it. Many times we put our families, friends, children, jobs and other obligations before ourselves so that we get run down and exhausted and often forget why we even do all that.
If we always make sure to make ME time we will soon recall that we are just as important as everyone else and will then be able to re-prioritize all the elements of our lives into the appropriate sections and time allotments so EVERYONE gets a fair share and the things that are not so important can be given up for the betterment of all.

Monday, August 22, 2011

10 Things to DO to LEARN to VALUE Yourself! #7

{Post 234/365: Original Post: I AM a QUEEN}

Remind yourself of your good points DAILY.
Whether you list a bunch of them to yourself every day or just one different one EVERY day it is good to remind yourself of all the things about you that are good and valuable and useful so you will NOT have any reason to feel poorly about yourself.
An added bonus that will come from this list is the sheer number of things you will find that are positive about YOU! 

10 Things to DO to LEARN to VALUE Yourself! #6

{Post 233/365: Original Post: I AM a QUEEN}

Keep notes of all the kind and positive things people say to you.
It helps to have them to read in moments when you feel down and empty.
Very often we require the words and opinions of other people to be able to see ourselves right. Your own opinion of yourself matters MORE and it is better to grow to a place of knowledge and understanding of our own value and worth so that we do NOT need other people to tell us who we are BUT, until we are strong enough to do that it is valuable to read to ourselves all the voices of our friends, families, mentors, teachers and others who can show us and remind us how valuable we really are.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

10 Things to DO to LEARN to VALUE Yourself! #5

{Post 232/365: Original Post: I AM a QUEEN}

Have compassion for yourself!
Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. Just don't add insult to injury by beating yourself up about them. Allow yourself to feel compassion and forgiveness so that you can learn from them and move forward from there.
It's ok if you try something and fail. We each have our own gifts and talents. Maybe that particular thing is not your forte. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try something else! Sooner or later you will find the things you ARE good at and are passionate about and then you will excel!
Remember that life is a process and a journey and don't be so tough and critical of yourself when you make a mistake or don't quite measure up to a standard you think you should reach. Set smaller goals and standards to begin with and then set new ones that reach even further after you have met the original ones!
Whatever you do be sure to allow for some mistakes and set backs. They are necessary! It is how we LEARN and GROW!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

10 Things to DO to LEARN to VALUE Yourself! #4

{Post 231/365: Original Post: I AM a QUEEN}

I am...beautiful, intelligent, capable, worth it!
WHATEVER positive attribute and affirmation works for you USE it!
Write a list of them down and bring them out whenever you are feeling down on yourself and doubting your ability to do something.
"If you always think like you've always thought, you will ALWAYS get what you've always got!!"...change your thinking to allow ONLY positive thoughts and accept that you are a person of value and substance and you deserve to be treated right!
ESPECIALLY by yourself!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

What DO You DO?

{Post 230/365: Original Post: Sucks To BE ME}

 What do you do when you feel restless, stressed, emotional...I mean more than usual, or for days in a row, weeks, months even. How do you find the joy again? How do you find the silver lining? How do you find and BE positive when you're feelings don't really seem to be for much reason at all.
I know there are many reasons in my life and situation to feel this way but, I don't think any of them are the reason I feel so...RESTLESS.
I don't know what is...
maybe just because I know deep deep down that things are changing again and some CHOICES have to be made. I have to make a DECISION. THEN, I have to fight myself like hell every day to keep from sinking back into this oblivion.
Ignorance is bliss they say...sometimes I wish to be ignorant and delusional but, the problem is that I am intelligent and I can recognize and know the truth when I hear it or see it. IF I want to be here LONG time, I MUST change some things. So many I have already changed but, so many still to change that I sometimes feel I flounder and drown in the middle and have not gotten anywhere yet at all!
Baby steps move forward but, so SLOW and yet, I cannot seem to make these changes any faster or I feel overwhelmed and just want to lie down and give up.
I refuse to give up! So I continue to step with baby steps and make ONE change at a time until I make improvements or lose the fight...whichever comes first.
I need a list and a PLAN. Then I will find the WILL to commit to it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

10 Things to DO to LEARN to VALUE Yourself! #3

{Post 229/365: Original Post: I AM a QUEEN}

Counteract negative or critical thoughts.
REFUSE to allow yourself to beat yourself up with negativity and criticisms.
REFUSE to wallow in self-pity and hold yourself back with doubts, fears or insecurities!
BELIEVE that you are a good, valuable, beautiful individual with many things to offer to the rest of the world and cultivate whatever talents and gifts you possess in order to grow better, stronger and even more vibrant and positive and beautiful inside yourself!!

10 Things to DO to LEARN to VALUE Yourself! #2

{Post 228/365: Original Post: I AM a QUEEN}

Write a list of all your GOOD points.
You know you have good points! You know you have things you are capable of doing, talents, abilities, gifts, qualities. Write them all down in a list so you can see them and see how many there are. When you feel low and down and get hard on yourself, take out your list and remind yourself of all the good things you are so you'll give yourself a break!  We ALL have faults and flaws but, it is important to remember that we also AL have abilities and capabilities that are a unique combination in each of us and make us ALL special in our own way!

10 Things to DO to LEARN to VALUE Yourself! #1

{Post 227/365: Original Post: I AM a QUEEN}

Ask yourself WHAT you need to do to value YOU and DO that!
Whatever it is, trying something you've always wanted to do, more time for yourself, allowing yourself to say NO sometimes.
Whatever you NEED to do to get deeper in touch with yourself and your own needs and feelings it is important that you take the time, or MAKE the time to do.
EVERY person on this earth has VALUE and that includes YOU!
Don't let anyone disrespect, disregard or dismiss you but, most especially do NOT do those things to YOURSELF!
If you can't love and respect you then nobody else can either!!

Random Camping Amusements

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I took a bunch of pics of snails, shells, an old can, a dead fish!, a live fish!, the sand looking like a rock, and the river...it amuses me and sometimes you get a really cool pic!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Camping Day #2

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Well we're getting spit on a bit but we're saying NO rain!!
The boys have been playing in the river and having a good morning.
We had our taco salads for lunch and they were a hit!! The
Boys all ate 2 each...I only had one and that was good enough for me!
Now they are enjoying snacks and deciding if they wanna swim anymore...
They worry about rain!! Lol
I'm trying to read duma key but they ask me questions every five minutes
Which makes it VERY hard to read!! Lol

Friday, August 12, 2011

First Day of camping trip with 2 boys...

{Post 224/365}
☺Having a great time already with Gib & Josh!
They've put up their tent, been swimming in the river,
Gone for a short walk to explore along the river, ridden
Their bikes, played badminton, had sandwiches and fritos for supper,
And are now getting ready to make smores in the fire...but,
We're waiting for it to get going good! ;)
Ill post pics after I get back home because I'm not sure
How to do it from here yet!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cuddle Buddies

{Post 223/365: Original Post: MommaFATCats}

Doodle & Moochie's fave thing to do is laze and cuddle together somewhere. They groom each other too! All our cats have had very sweet temperaments and loving personalities so we are very, very LUCKY!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #50

{Post 222/365: Original Post: (50/50) Girls SHOULD}

Girls SHOULD...
It's an important and valuable lesson to learn that will help you as life goes on because it SEEMS that we spend the early parts of our lives enjoying parties, celebrations, weddings and other joyful occasions and the later parts of our life dealing with illnesses, death of family members, and God forbid losing children.
If you can learn to be the support system that bolsters a friend when she's down it's a character trait that will serve you and your family and friends for years!
It is good to be a person that others can come to for comfort when times get stressful and hard.

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #49

{Post 221/365: Original Post: (49/50) Girls SHOULD}

Girls SHOULD...
For buying a frivolous item, for doing what they want, for taking care of themselves, for saying NO.
Every woman should cultivate the ability to make a choice and then stand by it without GUILT.
Trust me, I know it is hard and it's very easy to second guess yourself after a big decision has been made but, it is better to just have faith in yourself and your own ability to know what is good and right for YOU and carry on!

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #48

{Post 220/365: Original Post: (48/50) Girls SHOULD}

Girls SHOULD...
If you have taken your car to one place and got a quote and taken it to another and got a quote that is double the original you can be sure someone has noticed that you are FEMALE and assumed that he can over charge you because you don't have enough vehicle knowledge to know the difference.
Trust me, it happens!
It is a GREAT idea to have at least enough of an idea how your car works that when they tell you something hinky you will know it and can then say thank you very much but, I will take my car to the competition.!!

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #47

{Post 219/365: Original Post: (47/50) Girls SHOULD}

Girls SHOULD...
Some boys call flowers weeds! (my hubby) and no matter how many times you try to explain to them JUST what it is about flowers that you love they either can't or refuse to see it and don't want to waste their money to buy them for you! SO...I say go out and my your self some damn flowers! Then thumb your nose at the boy! LOL
Flowers are just so beautiful it's really hard not to feel a little joy and sunshine from having a bouquet of them sitting in a vase on your table!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #46

{Post 218/365: Original Post: (46/50) Girls SHOULD}

Girls SHOULD...
Hey, I've always been the mousetrap setter in my life. I also have some beautiful, fluffy little mousers living in my house with me and they do a great job of hunting the little critters.
Sometimes, believe it or not...you may live with a man who is squeamish about mice.
Sometimes, you may BE the girl who is squeamish about mice.
SOMEBODY has to be the one to set the trap, catch the mouse and then get rid of it. You might as well just suck it up and be the one. You will feel in turn both horrible and fantastic for being able to take care of it but, it's a good thing to know that you don't NEED someone else to do the dirty work for you!!

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #45

{Post 217/365: Original Post: (45/50) Girls SHOULD}

Girls SHOULD...
A little bit of flirting is good for everyone!
I'm NOT talking about stuff that goes over the line. I'm simply talking about the words and gestures we use with each other to let each other know there is an attraction.
It leaves a person feeling good that someone else finds them likable and desirable!
It helps us boost our own self-confidence and self-esteem and what could possibly be wrong with that?
If you feel like flirting, flirt! You serve no-one by squashing your own sense of self and well-being just to keep from having jealous spats wit your significant other!
AGAIN, I am not talking about things that cross the line...I am only talking about harmless, feel good flirting with someone you have an appreciation for and who reciprocates.

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #44

{Post 216/365: Original Post: (44/50) Girls SHOULD}

Girls SHOULD...
Every girl should plan and execute some kind of party or get together at least once so she can learn what it is to be a hostess. If she likes it she can do it many times and become a very GOOD one!
There are many details that can go into a party and it can make you feel very accomplished if you plan and manage to execute all of them without any issues.
It is wonderful to create the perfect get together but, don't beat yourself up if it doesn't go exactly right.
Also, be prepared to go along with the flow if things happen that cause changes. There's no sense "crying over spilled milk" just roll with it and carry on!

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #43

{Post 215/365: Original Post: (43/50) Girls SHOULD}

Girls SHOULD...
Maybe I prefer friendships with boys but there is still something special about the girl friends I have as well. NOBODY can giggle like a girl! Boys don't care about hair or nails or clothes much so it's fun to have a girl friend for advice and opinions on those aspects of being a GIRL!
Also, your girl friends don't mind conversations about the boys you LIKE or LOVE and all the stuff that comes into conversations about that.
Girls make day to day life fun and exciting and easier to enjoy!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #42

{Post 214/365: Original Post: (42/50) Girls SHOULD}

Girls SHOULD...
The only way to know the opposite sex better is to make friends with them. Many of them.
A friendship with a boy is not the same as a relationship. It is much more relaxed and easy going and gives you (usually) a more practical and rational perspective on things.
Even if they are only your friend they will still do things to help you out and make you feel appreciated and happy because they are your FRIEND and they do care that you feel good about hanging out with them and that your friendship is mutually beneficial.
I love boys and I love them as friends. They tell me the TRUTH about whatever I want to know but, most of all about other guys. If they think he's a jerk they will say so, they will almost always be right and you can trust that they CARE about your best interests in that because they don't want to see you get hurt.
Whether a boy is your boy friend or just a friend they DON'T like to see you cry so will do whatever they need to do to keep that from happening! BUT, if they can't prevent it you can be sure they will then do whatever they can to cheer you up and stop it. They'd really just rather be hanging out and having a fun time together but, will also want to help you when you are feeling sad and try to get you to feel better however they can...usually by being silly and making you laugh!!
Boys are FUN and sweet and charming and silly and funny and a hundred other things and being friends with them can make life better, richer and full of laughter.

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #41

{Post 213/365: Original Post: (41/50) Girls SHOULD}

Girls SHOULD...
Whatever reason you end it you should at least have the decency and humanity to tell the person why and be honest about the reasons. How will they ever learn to improve themselves if they have no idea what they did or didn't do? I'm not including abusive, controlling and dangerous relationships in this statement. IF and WHEN you are ready to leave those PLEASE leave running and never look back. That would be the best you could do! I simply mean, how hard is it to tell a person that you are finished with the relationship because you don't feel the same way, or you have decided you need time to yourself, or truthfully you have met someone else and if you can fall for them then you must not have been in the right relationship...or you must not have been happy, and most of all...OWN your own part of the reasons why you are leaving. When people say, "It's not you, it's ME." they often say that as a way to leave softly and try to keep from hurting the other person which is nice and ok but, I hope that they also recognize the TRUTH in that statement. YOU are leaving because YOU did not get whatever it was you thought you needed and wanted from that relationship for whatever reason. Later maybe you'll blame that other person for all the things they did or didn't do to be the person you needed but, REALLY you are the only person to hold ownership for ANY decision or choice you make so BE HONEST...with yourself and also them. It will save a lot of grief on both ends.

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #40

{Post 212/365: Original Post: (40/50) Girls SHOULD}

Girls SHOULD...
It is good to be creative and try something new and it is very good to give a gift that is wrapped attractively because appreciating the wrapping is part of the joy of receiving the gift and can tell you before you even open it that it has been well thought out and planned with attention given to the details that YOU appreciate. It is better to give than receive but when receiving it is just lovely to know that your friend CARES about the things that you appreciate and tries to give you something that shows it. That is kind of the point after all!

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #39

{Post 211/365: Original Post: (39/50) Girls SHOULD}

Girls SHOULD...
Nevermind girls should...everybody should apologize when they are wrong!
It only shows respect and consideration for everyone else's feelings.
If you have hurt or wronged someone in some way then it is only right and proper
That you accept ownership for the wrongdoing and apologize!

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #38

{Post 210/365: Original Post: (38/50) Girls SHOULD}

Girls SHOULD...
Some of us have a hard time accepting compliments for any good part of us.
Sometimes we seem to understand and accept negative remarks and then continue to
Beat ourselves up because we begin to believe them.
What is so wrong with accepting compliments, encouragements
Or other positive reinforcements of ourselves from our family and friends?
We need to try to learn to find and accept the positives in life!

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #37

{Post 209/365: Original Post: (37/50) Girls SHOULD}

Girls SHOULD...
There are many times and things in life that it is a good thing to write a thank you note for and show your appreciation for being remembered, included, invited etc.
I think it may be a dying art but, it is never too late to resurrect it!
Thank you notes work for wedding gifts, thanking guests for attending events, baby showers, birthdays, and anything else you want to let someone know you are grateful for any help they've given.
It's never a bad thing to show appreciation!

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #36

{Post 208/365: Original Post: (36/50) Girls SHOULD}

Girls SHOULD...
My friends and I are planning a girl's weekend in Oct. this year and hopefully it will become an annual thing every year after if it goes well. It is a grand idea to have a travel time with just the girls to catch up on the goings on in each of our lives and share some girl time together. We are hoping for fun, relaxation, shopping, giggles, good meals together and good company and maybe even time to complain about our boys if it is necessary! LOL
It will be great and I beieve whole-heartedly that every group of girl friends should do it too!