Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

{Post: 365/365}
Last bog post of 2011 365 Days of the Word blog posts.
Happy New Year!
So tomorrow begins a new journey!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Almost Done

{Post: 364/365}
Tomorrow is my last blog post of the 365 days of Creativity I was inspired to try and write.
I didn't stay on track EVERY day of the 365 so I was behind sometimes but I did manage to post 365 posts in total so I am still proud of myself for the effort.
I like the idea so much that I am going to do a 365 Days of the Word AGAIN only this time I will write ONE poem a day. It may be free form, a poetry form, a haiku, a magnetic poetry play, or some other poem form found elsewhere on the web.
I'm hoping to challenge myself and at the end of the year I will create a poetry book out of all 365 poems to be published in Lulu: KD Bissonette with my others.
I like poetry and I think it will be a good challenge of my abilities!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Poetry Book Published

{Post: 363/365}
Check out this preview for my new poetry book just published today. :)

Also check out my other poetry books available at

Missed a Visit

{Post: 362/365}
Well my stupid foot spoiled what would have been a lovely visit with hubby's mom & dad, brother and his family and sister. :(  But on a positive note I took the time of peace and quiet to finish writing a book that I have been working on. Woohoo my first draft is COMPLETE!
I will let it sit for a little while now and then when I go back to it with fresh eyes I will know what to correct and what to keep and also find any spelling errors I made.
Really, I am PROUD of myself for finally getting it DONE because I've been working hard on it over a year now.
Hopefully I will not allow myself to let it sit too long before I correct and get it ready for publishing. :) 
YAY me!!


{Post: 361/365}
Working on my lists and plans for 2012.
I'm writing books and 2012 is MY year. I have DECIDED.
What's coming up in the future for me this year whether I actually get published or not I WILL complete a series of children's books I have been working on for a long, long time.
Also I intend to make 2012 a year of poetry in my 365 Days of the Word blog. ;)
No more random posts or posts from other blogs of mine so if you like any of the others please feel free to follow them and I'll do my best to continue with the content. ;)
Instead I will write ONE poem a day for 365. I HOPE and at the end of the year will turn it into one more  of the poetry books I have for sale in
My intentions are GOOD but sometimes life and it's stresses slow me down. The point of these exercises is to challenge myself to get BETTER and more consistent and I hope that I am doing that!
If least I am TRYING and I keep TRYING!!!

Boxing Day

{Post: 360/365}
Pain again. :(
I don't know if it is what I ate or being dehydrated or not keeping my foot up enough or just the stress of going and doing when I am already not at my best but I HATE relapses!!
I've been drinking, drinking, drinking and drinking as much water as I can, eating blueberries and polished off my second bottle of cherry juice. Finally, the killing pain is done I think but I'm not 100% healed yet and I have decided I will NOT...Go...or...DO...again until the foot is DONE.
I AM however, GRATEFUL for hubby AND Gibby who are both helping me, getting me things, cooking for me, delivering my meals, drinks and snacks, and otherwise being annoyed and irritated (quite lovingly) as I rest and get better!! Thank you boys! LOVE you both MUCH!! xoxo

Christmas Day

{Post: 359/365}
Christmas Day began early. 6:30am to be exact! After stockings and presents and breakfast I had a nap on the couch till around 11:30am and then got dressed and ready to spend the afternoon at Mom & Pop's and have Christmas Dinner. It was a nice, quiet, relaxing Christmas this year and very enjoyable.
Also we got to spend the afternoon with my oldest son, Marcel and it made me very happy.  The only thing that could have made it better for me was if my daughter had come home from Nova Scotia. Hopefully someday I will share Christmas with her again as well. When they grow up and move out and on into their own lives a lot of things change but I am happy and proud that they ARE living their own lives and doing their own things!
I hope everyone else as much peace and happiness on their Christmas celebrations!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

{Post: 358/365}
We have had a lovely, relaxing day and evening just watching shows and cooking and eating meals and getting excited for tomorrow morning and how Gib will feel about his "box of clothes" that he hasn't poked, prodded or touched because that's what he truly believes is IN IT. (It is NOT!) lol
We are excited to share our gifts with each other as well and have Christmas breakfast and coffee and then after lunch we'll go to my mom & pop's for the afternoon and a nice dinner.
It's another quiet Christmas this year and is quite enjoyable!! :)


{Post: 357/365}

Momma Bug got a couple of elastics to play with for Xmas because they are her ABSOLUTE fave toy!
Next time I'll take a video of her and daddy playing with them cause it's just too cute! ;)

Fave Christmas Drink

{Post: 356/365}
I love hot chocolate with a melted candy cane. :) 
You know the little canes that you can buy...minis. They fit perfectly on the side of a mug and melt slowly into the hot chocolate. You can use them to stir it. You can just drop them in and swirl them around till they are fully melted. It is a wonderful part of my Christmas holidays. :)

Brain Dead

{Post: 355/365}

Can't think
No focus
No idea
What to write!


My Fave Christmas Things!

{Post: 354/365}

Frosty the Snowman ;)

Gingerbread cookies!

Christmas lights...

a Christmas tree!


Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer


and lots more...but most important of all...
Old World Santa Claus ;)

The MOST important part of Christmas for me is ...LOVE.

Christmastime Can Be Sad

{Post: 353/365}
For those of us who have lost loved ones or those of us who are alone and lonely it can be very sad.
This year I have been thinking a lot about Christmas past with some of the people who are no longer with me.
I miss them very much. I was lucky to have them all for a long time but many are not so lucky.
My dad, my aunt, all my grandparents, my son (whom I never even got to HAVE and died just before Christmas)
I DO miss them but I carry on living because life goes ON and they would ALL want me to as well!
My dad, near the end wuld always tell me, Don't worry, be happy!
I know he was trying to share something that I never truly understood until just lately. Life is short and time is precious...don't waste it. It hurts and that is sad but, we CAN choose to rise above it! We can choose NOT to wallow in the sorrow but to step outside of it and cherish the moments that make life a LIFE!
This is the thing that I see since thinking about them so much lately.
They are gone but they are and always will be part of ME and my life in my memories and traditions and all the beautiful things I carry on that I have because they WERE a part of it for so long.
So here is my suggestion for the loneliness and sorrows when missing someone during this season of LOVE.
REMEMBER the good. REMEMBER the joy. REMEMBER the words of love and wisdom they shared with you.
REMEMBER your fave holidays together. REMEMBER the laughter. REMEMBER the hugs.
REMEMBER it all and KNOW that every single moment was a gift and a treasure!
When you feel so SAD and think that you cannot take another step forward or make another MEMORY it is TIME, long overdue time to open your own heart to something *NEW*.
If you can't find any of the joy inside yourself just think hard about something that you could do to give joy to someone else. CHOOSE someone and do something kind for them. Be a SECRET SANTA to them and leave them a little gift, or buy them a cup of coffee or ANYTHING, any little kindness that will shine a light into THEIR sadness. 
You will give them a small gift of joy that will ripple back to you and lift your spirits also.
THIS is the true meaning of CHRISTMAS. GIVING joy and love of yourself to OTHERS.
We often forget this, especially when we DO have a huge circle of family and friends of our own to amuse us and distract us and cherish us too. We keep our love tied up with all of them in a neat little package that outsiders are not allowed to enter or welcomed into.
OPEN your circle, widen your net, open your arms to just ONE other person who might be lonely or sad and GIVE them the gift of your love for one day. You could change a life! You could warm, melt and open a bitter heart and the ripples could change someone's whole WORLD. TRY!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


{Post: 352/365}
 My constant companion
Gout foot
Swollen too fat to bend
Shoots spikes into my leg
Sitting all day
Creates more discomfort
Any touch feeds the flame of fire
Shifting for a time
Still no relief
Shifting again
Jarring pain shoots through my foot
Kitty sits in my lap for a cuddle 
After only a few moments she must be shooed off
Pressure of her weight causes more pain
I keep a three foot bubble of space
Around my foot
Because bumping it 
even MORE
please someone
bring me
blessed relief!

It's Good to be QUEEN!

{Post: 351/365}

Gift given to me by my friends Nancy & Bob...AWESOME!

I write a blog called I AM a QUEEN and also have a Facebook fan page titled the same.
All my posts feed into Facebook so she sees I am  Queen everywhere and thought that I'd love the cup...
She was CORRECT! 
I LOVE it!! :D

Christmas Dinner Party

{Post: 350/365}
Every year I have a part for family and friends and make some food, listen to music, exchange gifts and have a great time. This year I made meatballs, sausage/cheese balls, meat and cheese trays, pickles too and mushroom caps (a different recipe that didn't really work as well as previous ones). Everyone seemed to have a good time and so the party was a success! :) Yay!

Friday, December 16, 2011

I Stumble...

{Post: 349/365}
...and I am amazed and awestruck by the BEAUTIFUL pieces of art and photography and bites of food recipes that can be found all over the web. WE are CREATIVE in so many ways!
I applaud the courage shown by all who are putting all their weird and wonderful projects on display for the world to see, admire and be INSPIRED by. WOW!
Check it out yourself:

Fave Christmas Carol

{Post: 348/365}
One of my absolute favourite Christmas Carols EVER!

And one of the best versions EVER:

My Favourite Christmas Movies

{Post: 347/365 Original Post: Couch Potato Paradise}

  • Babes in Toyland
  • Christmas with the Kranks
  • Elf
  • Home Alone
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • Miracle on 34th Street
  • The Polar Express
  • The Santa Clause
  • The Santa Clause 2: The Mrs. Clause
  • The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  • Jack Frost
  • The Year Without a Santa Claus
  • Santa Claus is Coming to Town
  • Surviving Christmas
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas
  • Frosty the Snowman
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
  • Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July
  • Shrek the Halls
  • Christmas Comes to Willow Creek

Monday, December 12, 2011

Am I Ready?

{Post: 346/365}
I am NOT.
I have a party to get food ready for on Saturday.
I have a few gifts left to organize and wrap.
I still need to go shopping!
I cannot do anything right now because it is excrutiating torture just to get from the couch to the bathroom!
I am suffering yet another gout attack at CHRISTMAS time! Is this some kind of punishment? I really begin to wonder you know cause it not only annoys my husband but also MYSELF that he has to do everything for me right now. I mean it is really lovely to be cooked for and taken care of but I hate annoying him and I HATE trying to explain to him how I want things done when it would be easier to do it myself if it wasn't so painful! :(
I guess that I will just have to roll with it as usual. It's not that he can't do things perfectly well it's just that I actually WANT to do these things as my gift of love to family and friends. It's all part of it for me. Passing the jobs onto him means I haven't done ANYTHING and makes me feel bad. :(
However, I am doing the best that I CAN do and I just hope everyone will understand yet again that I am not working at 100% at the moment and appreciate my effort. ;)

Last Batch of Ornaments

{Post: 345/365}

My last batch of ornaments made out of a set of mini ornaments 
which I simply made a bead ring around in Christmas colours and attached a big red bow to.
Santas, angels and a reindeer in a sleigh. Too cute! ;)

Wired Ornaments

{Post: 344/365}

Made with glass stones, wire, beads and a big red Christmas bow.
They are kinda cute aren't they?

More Ornaments

{Post: 343/365}

More Ornaments
Made with seed beads, wire, a ceramic heart bead and a big red Christmas ribbon!
Simple, made up but I think they turned out pretty cute! ;)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Snowflake Ornaments

{Post: 342/365}

Beaded Snowflake Ornaments
Made with seed beads, other bigger beads, bugle beads and wire.

I made different colours as well from whatever I had available but my fave ones 
are the reds, greens and golds...very Christmasy! :)

I Remember...

{Post: 341/365}
I remember...
flour sifted through a sifter
and baked into fresh loaves of bread
butter melting on top
to make a crispy crust
and the best baked bread I ever had

I remember...
scrabble tiles on a game board
spelling out good words
and getting close
but never quite winning
against your fine scrabble intellect 

I remember...
bed time snacks
of toast with peanut butter and brown sugar
or cup-of-soup in a mug
spoon taken out of the spoon jar
on the kitchen table

I remember...
sneaking into the garden
to pull out fresh carrots
rinsing the dirt with the garden hose
and munching the biggest and best
from grandpa's garden

I remember...
sharing my first cups of tea
with you and grandpa
his poured into the saucer to cool
and pantry molasses cookies
or other home-baked goodies for a snack

I remember...
running into the kitchen
looking for a spoon
to stir our witches brew or other concoctions
of sawdust, dirt, flowers and water
stirred into your good metal wash tub

I remember...
chasing and collecting frogs galore
into the same metal washtub
from the puddles in the front yard
after a warm summer rain
and frogs were a joy

I remember...
so many beautiful things
and none of them even half as beautiful
as you were to me
the sweetest lady i knew
my NAN (nanny)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


{Post: 340/365}
Did you know...
that a snowflake
is water as snow as a frozen crystal
falling from the sky?

Did you know...
that a snowflake can be 
big and soft,  OR round and hard, hail
almost pelting from the sky?

You must know
that a snowflake
can be a fascinating science experiment
throughout all it's forms

Did you know 
that a snowflake can be
the image of symmetry
and yet never exactly the same?

Did you know
that a snowflake
could statistically be identical to another
but it is more likely to be unique?

Did you know 
that a snowflake
is a wonderful creation of beauty and artistry
in this world?

And finally, did you know
that a snowflake
is a symbol and marker
of fun family times in the winter?

I know
that the first snowflake
of the season
is the beginning of some new winter moments and memories

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

10 Things I BELIEVE

{Post: 339/365}
10 Things I BELIEVE.
  1. life and have to take risks in order to receive rewards
  2. cannot flex your wings MUST fly! (don't sit on the fence)...CHOOSE!
  3. ...CHANGE is a necessary part of life...even though much of the time I HATE it
  4. is a valid and important part of a relationship but if it is ALL you have in common the passion will fade and then what have you got?
  5. ...each of us is RESPONSIBLE for ourselves, our happiness, our faults and failings and our OWN choices in life
  6. that we are each stronger than we can even imagine we are and won't know it unless faced with a challenge where we have to be STRONG
  7. I BELIEVE there is always sunshine after the rain...sometimes it is hard to keep walking forward into it...but there IS always sunshine after the rain!
  8. God
  9. ...LOVE
  10. ...MYSELF

My Fave Cereal!

{Post: 338/365}

Ok. I know everyone expects me to say one of the exciting sugar cereals that we all adore like, Sugar Crisps or Captain Crunch or even Honeycomb and while I DO love these cereals occasionally my absolute fave one is Corn Bran. Corn Bran? YES...and here is why:

  • my children do NOT like it, therefore on the odd occasion when I decide I DO want a bowl of cereal I am not faced with an EMPTY box!
  • It has a little bit of sweetness to it which means sugar doesn't NEED to be added...just a bowl, a spoon and the milk if you please!
  • it can be thrown in a baggy and eaten dry as a snack also ( a bit of sweetness, a crunch...GOOD)
  • Corn Bran Nutrition
What's not to love about it?

10 Reasons I NEED to Write

{Post: 337/365}
Brainstorm 10 reasons you need to write.

  1. I love WORDS.
  2. I love the feeling I feel when I have written a poem or a piece and I read it back and KNOW that it is good.
  3. I need to VOICE my own voice without fear of judgement or reprisal. My OPINION is equally as valid as anyone else's!
  4. I need to SHARE. My pain, my joy, my excitement, my lessons, my heart, my emotion, my knowledge, my understanding. Maybe it will HELP someone else.
  5. I am a fountain of emotion and creativity. I need to unleash the floodgates.
  6. I need to show my children that no matter how many stumbling blocks you hit or how long it can take that it is NEVER useless or too late to follow a DREAM.
  7. I need to show my children that it is POSSIBLE for dreams to come true. Whether they pay off monetarily or not is  irrelevant...people READ what I write, therefore what I write is HELPFUL, USEFUL and GOOD and THAT fills my soul with purpose and JOY.
  8. Writing helps me solve my own emotional issues and release them.
  9. To IMPROVE.
  10. To express words, thoughts, ideas, emotions, reasons, dreams, heart and soul that INSPIRE.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Family Holidays

{Post: 336/365}
I asked my friend for a topic suggestion and he asked what the meaning and importance of a family holiday is.
Now, I am thinking about all the occasions over the years that I have shared with my family from childhood forward into my own children. 
Why do we create holidays that we want most to share with our families and close friends?
Putting all religious aspects or origins of each holiday that we do celebrate aside what IS it that keeps us trying year after year (even though many of us have dysfunctional, damaged and fractured families that just don't get along ) to have a family get together, party, celebration or dinner where we all share food, music, gifts and good company.
I can only suggest that we all want the same things in life...
A place to belong.
A family to belong to.
Unconditional love.
I think as we get older sometimes some of these things get lost in the shuffle of life.
When I was a child I remember either/or both Thanksgiving and Christmas at my grandmother's house. Sometimes this would include the whole family of six siblings and each of their spouses and children (uncles, aunts and cousins) ALL either sitting down to dinner or just having a buffet meal together. Sometimes we would also have Easter dinner together. Usually the aunts, my mom and nanny had control of the kitchen and the men in the house would visit in the living room, sometimes playing music, kids running around the house like the chaotic whirlwinds they are! ;) I LOVED the time when they played music and I miss that because it's something that was gone for years even before nanny and grandpa left us. :( But, the years when grandpa played his banjo or the fiddle were the BEST! The aunts and my mom would play guitars too and sing. It is sad when these beautiful aspects of life with a large family get lost because life moves on and it is not always easy to get everyone to the same place at the same time anymore. I think that we strive to have happy holiday moments to CONTINUE as best we can these beautiful, deep, rich, FULL moments of our childhoods and BUILD them anew into our own families.
It is why we create traditions and try to continue them on through the years. Maybe so much of life changes that keeping one or two CONSTANT traditions give us the CONTINUITY we need.
For ME...FOOD is a big part of the celebration and joy of family.
My nanny was a nurturer. Always feeding us. Always baking. Always goodies, home made bread, tea and snacks and good dinners. I think we were spoiled because she was a baker. (I grew up to work in a bakery-it makes me smile inside because I never imagined I would be happy in that kind of job but the truth is it was the BEST one I ever had and I think much if it has to do with it making me feel more connected to her and understanding her better.) She was the sweetest lady I ever knew and I miss her. My mom continues a family tradition of good food, good company and good times on holidays every year even though sometimes it is hard for her and she gets tired of the work. So we have sit down dinners less often now and buffet meals more often but still we can enjoy a few hours of laughter and companionship with each other. I know that when and if the time comes I will need to step up and be the one who continues family holidays if only to give us all a CONSTANT meeting place of home and a space to recharge for life. (Sometimes I do this already when she needs a break lol)
I have been making my own Christmas dinner for my friends and family every year since the first one I was out on my own. It is IMPORTANT to me to feed them and spoil them and share a lovely evening together with them because THIS is my way to give them MY home. My way to let them know that they ARE my home. They are everything that IS good and beautiful in it so why would it NOT be important to me to give them all the things that make me ME? I don't need special holidays to do this. None of us really do. EVERY DAY is a good day to appreciate, share, GIVE, LOVE and BE with your loved ones but most of us like holidays because they give us a REASON to set life aside for a little while and MAKE the really important things matter the most! It's the way it always should be but we get lost in the shuffle and busy and speed of our lives and work and lack of real time so a holiday is a good time to TAKE or MAKE the time for each other.
So many things get lost over time that I believe it IS very important to do our best to KEEP family holidays and get togethers as a means to CONTINUE lessons and traditions on to our children and their children and so on.
I think I'm feeling especially sad this holiday because I miss my daughter who lives on the east coast of Canada now and is VERY far away and my oldest son is also out on his own and doing his own thing. I only have the baby at home with me now and he is getting older so holidays are changing for us again and I want to hold onto the old traditions! I guess it is time to create some NEW ones!
Family and holidays mean a LOT to me and I am sad every time something gets lost in the transitions of life but I can keep all the beautiful memories and there will always be NEW ones to create!
Here is to you and yours from me and mine. Cherish the moments!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Winter Haiku

{Post: 335/365}
soft flakes of snow fall
grazing my lips tongue tasting
winter's first snow kiss

I Remember

{Post: 334/365}

 I remember cousins all piled into one room to sleep
I remember late night whispers and giggles
I remember waiting and hoping to catch a glimpse of SANTA
and the adults in the house getting frustrated as they told us time and again, "Go to sleep!"
I remember the excitement of Christmas
I remember the warmth and comfort of family
I remember the smells and bustle of sharing Christmas dinner
even though this was many many years ago
I remember the laughter and comfort and joy
But my favourite memory is yet to come