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50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #35

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Girls SHOULD...
It is good to take a road trip by yourself even if it is just to visit an aunt or uncle or other family member or friend for a weekend. Feeling capable of driving or otherwise travelling from one place to anther without company or help is a very independent thing. It IS important for you to always be careful if you are a single woman on the road though so NEVER pick up a hitch hiker, NEVER open your window fully for anyone if you do pull over for any reason and just otherwise follow safety tips and keep yourself aware of you surroundings! But, taking that trip makes you feel more confident and THAT is always a good thing!

Monday, July 25, 2011

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #34

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That's right...boys! The word is FRIEND though, not prospective mate or boy friend, NOT friend with benefits, JUST a friend of the opposite sex to have discussions with and support and encouragement between you. Having a guy for a friend can open up some good discussions because they bring a different point of view and perspective to the relationship and that can sometimes be much more helpful to your growth and understanding of a situation. Just my humble opinion! ;)

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #33

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Girls SHOULD...
However it is you do this it is good for growth and the betterment of your own self.
When I was a single mom of two I took correspondence courses. I have four diplomas. Many of my friends don't know or remember this about me because I've done nothing in a career way with these credentials. It simply gave me something to strive for and work toward. Something to keep my mind occupied. The brain is also a muscle and if you do not exercise it then it can stagnate.
I am also guilty of having done that through out my life. I far prefer when my mind is pushed and challenged and working if not at it's best at least better than when it is not working!!
Find something you fear or avoid and challenge yourself to face it!

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #32

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Girls SHOULD...
I think learning a new language is a great challenge for your brain. Even if you don't learn it in full but, just learn enough to have a passable conversation with someone it could be delightful!
To this point I don't know enough of any for a conversation but I have learned some words from different ones here and there and I find it both challenging and FUN!
It helps if you have a friend with enough time to help with pronunciation and meaning and to practice conversation with as well but, there are also many helpful programs online that can help as well.
Give it a try!

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #31

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Girls SHOULD...
This can be anything you've always wanted to do and never tried because you didn't think you could or were scared of it or it felt out of your element. You NEVER know when trying something new could ignite the passion inside you and open a new world of things and people and ideas to you.
It's ok if something really has no interest for you. You don't have to try things you don't want to but, if you have had a thought or an idea that it is something you'd like to give a chance then I think you should!
It can't hurt to try something new and see if it is something you like. Maybe, even some of the things you think you would NOT like would become a favourite past time if you just give them a try.
Go for it!!

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #30

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I don't know about you but, this is one of the jobs I make hubby do, or he will also teach the boys to do it as they get old enough. It IS a good idea to be able to start, maintain and use a lawnmower yourself though because you never know when something might happen (God forbid) and you HAVE no choice but to do it yourself...or perhaps pay a young person to do it for you.
When I lived alone I didn't have a powered lawn mower I had a push mower and it was old and dull so needless to say cutting the lawn was a huge, annoying ordeal!
I am grateful I have a hubby to do these annoying chores for me and I hope I will never have another time in my life where I need to do it myself because I've been there and done that!
However, it IS important to remember and be capable to do the job yourself!!

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #29

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Along with many other things a girl should do as a task just to feel a sense of accomplishment after completing it a good choice is to paint a room. I still have not managed to fully complete my sons room. His room has a bunch of different colours because it got started and not finished but also because it hasn't always been his room. Actually since I have lived in this house most of my life and moved back when my older two were little EACH of them has shared the room that I slept in when I was a kid too. It still has mauve walls! lol but also some blue and some green which seemed much more appropriate for a boy...now I plan to panel the wall because I just lack the energy for a paint job.
At one point I planned to paint a mural on the wall but, I never did get around to that! Whatever you decide to do for yourself it is a big job but, really does make you feel good if you can complete it!
I did manage to paint my kitchen once though I really think sometimes that it should be redone but, I think that I will wait until I'm ready to have the floor and ceiling done as well.
Anyway, if it isn't really your thing then try something else. The important thing is to try to do some jobs yourself just for the experience and the satisfaction!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #28

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WOOOHOOOO 200th post!!!!!!!!

Girls SHOULD...
It is good to be able to fix some of the small things that need fixing in your house. So whatever tasks these are you should not be averse to tackling some of them.
It is great if you have a man in your life that can do these little jobs for you but, some of us don't!
So you should never be afraid to try and fix them yourself! It will give you a sense of accomplishment and capability and you will know that you can take care of yourself which is very important knowledge to have and may actually open the door to the ideas of many other things you can try to accomplish as well!

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #27

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There is nothing wrong with this. Every woman should do this just so she can know and understand that it is OK. Every woman needs to learn to be alone with herself and enjoy the company of her own spirit and soul. Many of us busy ourselves and keep people around us at all times because we don't want to hear the silence or face the things that may be hiding inside of it. I say, if you can learn to accept and enjoy the silence and solitude of being by yourself you will be one step closer to NOT keeping friendships and relationships out of the fear of being alone. SOMETIMES it is ok to be alone. It is ok to learn to like, love and accept yourself just as you are and the only way to do this is embrace some time alone with yourself once in awhile.

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #26

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Girls SHOULD...
Hell, they should learn to cook many! It is GOOD to feed your family and friends and be good at it!
It is good not only to nurture their bellies but, also to nurture their spirits because everyone likes to know they are appreciated and a good way to show them that is to cook them a nice meal. Especially BOYS! Boys love it when you can cook and will cook for them. Haven't you ever heard that "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach"? That isn't a saying for no good reason, it happens to be true!
So if you don't know how to cok maybe it's a good time to start! It is definitely something your significant other will appreciate!

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #25

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Girls SHOULD...
I have heard and know for myself that it is true that women keep track of where they are and where they are going by landmarks. But, what happens when something on such and such a corner is burned to the ground or moved? We would be confused and possibly lost! So it's a good idea to learn to read maps and understand directions! Then we will always be able to figure out where we are and how to get from A to B  and back home again!!

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #24

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Girls SHOULD...
Every girl should have the strength and security within herself to be able to have and own her own opinion ESPECIALLY when it differs from everyone else!
You don't have to be a YES girl. You don't have to be a people pleaser. If you are one of those you should definitely work on trying to assert yourself once in awhile and HAVE your own opinion, make your OWN choices...not meant to please anyone else but yourself.
I'm not talking about choices that deliberately hurt others or are actually mean or spiteful, I am simply talking about recognizing, understanding and taking care of your OWN needs once in awhile first!
I know many of us put others higher on the importance scale and that is just wrong!
Your opinion, your feelings, your heart, your needs all matter EQUALLY so don't be afraid to speak up!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #23

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Girls SHOULD...
In this disposable world I am sure there are plenty of girls who do NOT know how to do this.
It is a GREAT idea to go to your mom or grandma and ask for a quick lesson! It's not a hard job and every woman (and man too) should know how to do it in case of emergency clothing rips or malfunctions!
If you don't actually have anyone to ask, google search is a wonderful tool and will likely find you many very simple sewing lessons that will help!! ;)

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #22

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Girls SHOULD...
You NEVER know when something is going to happen and you will have to step up and be responsible for this job and keeping track of the finances of your household.
It can be stressful, and many of us really do NOT enjoy it, but, it is a very good idea to be privy to the financial information and have the ability to manage and control it yourself, NOT just trust your significant other to take care of it. If you don't know, LEARN because IF you ever have to take over the job and you have none of the information you could be overwhelmed and completely lost which will only add more stress!!

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #21

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Girls SHOULD...
Please girls, what is the point of eating like a bird? You can eat LOTS and still be eating healthy!
Not to mention the fact that your body needs a balance of all the nutrients and vitamins on the food chart!
I really can't speak for ALL the boys but, I know MANY who appreciate a girl who is NOT afraid to eat what she wants and likes with gusto...just like they do!
If you like to eat then the chances are you're going to be a pretty good cook and that means they will get to EAT which is something that most boys LOVE to do....so it's happy all the way around!! LOL

Monday, July 11, 2011

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #20

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Girls SHOULD...
Sometimes, a girl should let her boy take control of a situation.
Sometimes, a girl should let her friend make the decision about what they are doing, where they are going and even why.
Sometimes, a girl should allow herself to leave the kitchen a mess for awhile and go read a book just because she feels like it.
Sometimes, a girl should let her significant other go and do what he wants and enjoy some free time without getting pissy or upset because he needs some time away from her. (It doesn't mean he doesn't love you or enjoy his time with you OR that he enjoys being away from you MORE than being with you-it only means he needs space and time with himself or his friends too).
There are plenty more ideas and examples for this but, I think you get the point. It is not healthy or good to always have to be in control of everything that is happening around you and in your life. Sometimes, you really need to let go and just BE, just enjoy the day or the moment or the time without worrying something is out of place or doesn't look right or whatever...

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #19

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Girls SHOULD...
It is something that gives you a sense of accomplishment and independence that you can do so yourself rather than need a man to help you.
I KNOW many of us like to have a "big, strong man" around to do these things for us but, it really is a good thing to know that you are quite capable of getting things like this done for yourself, all by yourself!

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #18

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Girls SHOULD...
EVERY girl should try going camping at least once! Most boys enjoy camping and if you enjoy it too it can become a very pleasant experience for you to share.
NOBODY likes the bugs! But, once you get past that it is the most calm and relaxing atmosphere EVER!
Hubby and sometimes fight (when we put up the tent usually) lol but, once we get that over with we just thoroughly enjoy being outside, in the fresh air, enjoying nature, swimming when we want, eating when we want, napping if we want, no phone calls, no stress, just quiet peaceful time together away from regular life. Camping is also something kids enjoy doing, at least our kids always did!
This year we are planning to take the youngest for a weekend and it's been a few years since we could. He's very excited because he's been camping since he was a baby and has always LOVED it!
It IS ok if you really son't like it but, I suggest really trying it and being open about it just ONCE and see if you don't come to love it too!!

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #17

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Girls SHOULD...
It is important to cultivate and use your own talents and gifts therefore you should try many things and see which ones you like and which ones you don't!
It is good to learn what you are good at and what you are passionate about.
I have MANY interests and hobbies and I can't even keep up with all of them anymore!
But, for the things I love most I always find some time to do them and it usually helps me relax and recharge for the things in life that I may not enjoy so much.
Also, having many interests and hobbies gives you much more common ground in conversations when meeting new people! There is always at least one thing to talk about a little bit and that can be very helpful!

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #16

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Girls SHOULD...
Once in awhile a girl should treat herself to something, fun, frivolous and perfectly useless for practical application! She should also do this without feeling guilty!
We often give up so much especially if we have children we care for and who need much so once in awhile I believe it is a very good thing to treat yourself to something you want, no matter what it cost, no matter what it is...a pair of shoes that you really don't need, another new shirt (even though you already have a dozen) because you like that colour!, the most expensive bucket of ice cream because you've never had it before, whatever it is just decide that you are worth it, you deserve a treat, and give it to yourself!

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #15

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Girls SHOULD...
This is sometimes a very hard one. EVERY WOMAN no matter what size she is can be accused of thinking she is FAT...sometimes even when she is not!
I don't know why it is such a sin to have a little more curves or a little more flesh than someone else.
I don't know why we insist upon competing and comparing ourselves to everyone who is smaller than we are like they are the goddess and we are some flawed piece of work!
We are NOT all meant to be the same and this is meant to teach us to be tolerant of diversity.
We each hold a vibrant, beautiful, sensual, sexy goddess inside of us and we MUST learn to see, recognize and acknowledge her! Learn to love yourself as you are and all else will follow. ;)

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #14

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Girls SHOULD...
Me and my girls are planning one of these and we are hoping for it to be a fun and relaxing time together.
It will be time to catch up on things without the men around to distract us, time to be away from the men and miss them, time to enjoy things like shopping and whatever else we as girls like to do and/or talk about that irritates the boys! We will eat together, laugh together, talk about whatever we want, giggle ourselves to sleep if we want and just otherwise have a great time and I believe all girls should plan and do something like this with their friends too!

Monday, July 4, 2011

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #13

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Girls SHOULD...
There is no reason why a woman should NOT know the difference between a slotted(flat end), phillips(cross end) and a robertson(square end) screw driver and NOT be able to use them as well.
It is also a good thing to know wrenches, allen or hex keys, hammers and pliers. You never know when you will need to fix something IMMEDIATELY and have no time to wait around for a MAN to get home to do it for you! So familiarize yourself with these tools and if you so desire, find some little jobs around the house that you think you could learn to do yourself and tackle them! There's nothing like the feeling of accomplishment when you complete a job that you usually would expect your man to do for you! ;)

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #12

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Girls SHOULD...
You never know when you will drive somewhere and have a flat and need to pull over and change it by yourself!
So it is definitely a good idea to practice changing one until you are confident that you are capable of doing it properly and safely. I STILL do not know how to do this even though I am 40 and I owned my OWN car from the time I was 23 until just a few years ago when I sold it. I did know the process in theory but never had to implement the knowledge in practical. I think in fact that my husband changed the tires on my car at least once (what a lucky girl I am to have such a helpful and lovely hubby!!) Nevertheless, I BELIEVE whole-heartedly that EVERY woman should be able to do this job her own self!

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #11

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Girls SHOULD...
This is a grand idea especially for a girl who may be a timid or unsure driver. Drive to some secluded spot, or an empty parking lot at night and do a couple of donuts in your car. Don't get caught! BUT, it is GOOD to know how a car will feel when it spins so if God forbid you do get in an accident or maybe slide on ice at some point in your driving you will not be quite as frightened and confused by the spin because you will already have had some experience with that. Believe it or not my driving instructor suggested this and I appreciated it because it DOES help your confidence and belief in yourself being able to handle something frightening and keeping control of yourself AND of the car!

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #10

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Girls SHOULD...
Now I am not talking about inappropriate age differences like she's 40 and he's 20 because I don't believe someone that much older should be messing around with someone that much younger. But, a few years difference isn't bad at all and often a younger person is full of energy that reminds you to LIVE and enjoy life a little more! Especially if you have had some hard times and become too serious and sad. Being attractive to a younger person just gives you an extra little boost of confidence and I believe THAT is good for ANY woman!