Friday, December 9, 2011

I Remember...

{Post: 341/365}
I remember...
flour sifted through a sifter
and baked into fresh loaves of bread
butter melting on top
to make a crispy crust
and the best baked bread I ever had

I remember...
scrabble tiles on a game board
spelling out good words
and getting close
but never quite winning
against your fine scrabble intellect 

I remember...
bed time snacks
of toast with peanut butter and brown sugar
or cup-of-soup in a mug
spoon taken out of the spoon jar
on the kitchen table

I remember...
sneaking into the garden
to pull out fresh carrots
rinsing the dirt with the garden hose
and munching the biggest and best
from grandpa's garden

I remember...
sharing my first cups of tea
with you and grandpa
his poured into the saucer to cool
and pantry molasses cookies
or other home-baked goodies for a snack

I remember...
running into the kitchen
looking for a spoon
to stir our witches brew or other concoctions
of sawdust, dirt, flowers and water
stirred into your good metal wash tub

I remember...
chasing and collecting frogs galore
into the same metal washtub
from the puddles in the front yard
after a warm summer rain
and frogs were a joy

I remember...
so many beautiful things
and none of them even half as beautiful
as you were to me
the sweetest lady i knew
my NAN (nanny)

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