Tuesday, December 6, 2011

10 Things I BELIEVE

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10 Things I BELIEVE.
  1. ...in life and love...you have to take risks in order to receive rewards
  2. ...you cannot flex your wings forever...you MUST fly! (don't sit on the fence)...CHOOSE!
  3. ...CHANGE is a necessary part of life...even though much of the time I HATE it
  4. ...sex is a valid and important part of a relationship but if it is ALL you have in common the passion will fade and then what have you got?
  5. ...each of us is RESPONSIBLE for ourselves, our happiness, our faults and failings and our OWN choices in life
  6. that we are each stronger than we can even imagine we are and won't know it unless faced with a challenge where we have to be STRONG
  7. I BELIEVE there is always sunshine after the rain...sometimes it is hard to keep walking forward into it...but there IS always sunshine after the rain!
  8. ...in God
  9. ...LOVE
  10. ...MYSELF

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