Thursday, December 29, 2011

Boxing Day

{Post: 360/365}
Pain again. :(
I don't know if it is what I ate or being dehydrated or not keeping my foot up enough or just the stress of going and doing when I am already not at my best but I HATE relapses!!
I've been drinking, drinking, drinking and drinking as much water as I can, eating blueberries and polished off my second bottle of cherry juice. Finally, the killing pain is done I think but I'm not 100% healed yet and I have decided I will NOT...Go...or...DO...again until the foot is DONE.
I AM however, GRATEFUL for hubby AND Gibby who are both helping me, getting me things, cooking for me, delivering my meals, drinks and snacks, and otherwise being annoyed and irritated (quite lovingly) as I rest and get better!! Thank you boys! LOVE you both MUCH!! xoxo

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