Tuesday, December 6, 2011

10 Reasons I NEED to Write

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Brainstorm 10 reasons you need to write.

  1. I love WORDS.
  2. I love the feeling I feel when I have written a poem or a piece and I read it back and KNOW that it is good.
  3. I need to VOICE my own voice without fear of judgement or reprisal. My OPINION is equally as valid as anyone else's!
  4. I need to SHARE. My pain, my joy, my excitement, my lessons, my heart, my emotion, my knowledge, my understanding. Maybe it will HELP someone else.
  5. I am a fountain of emotion and creativity. I need to unleash the floodgates.
  6. I need to show my children that no matter how many stumbling blocks you hit or how long it can take that it is NEVER useless or too late to follow a DREAM.
  7. I need to show my children that it is POSSIBLE for dreams to come true. Whether they pay off monetarily or not is  irrelevant...people READ what I write, therefore what I write is HELPFUL, USEFUL and GOOD and THAT fills my soul with purpose and JOY.
  8. Writing helps me solve my own emotional issues and release them.
  9. To IMPROVE.
  10. To express words, thoughts, ideas, emotions, reasons, dreams, heart and soul that INSPIRE.

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