Friday, December 30, 2011

Almost Done

{Post: 364/365}
Tomorrow is my last blog post of the 365 days of Creativity I was inspired to try and write.
I didn't stay on track EVERY day of the 365 so I was behind sometimes but I did manage to post 365 posts in total so I am still proud of myself for the effort.
I like the idea so much that I am going to do a 365 Days of the Word AGAIN only this time I will write ONE poem a day. It may be free form, a poetry form, a haiku, a magnetic poetry play, or some other poem form found elsewhere on the web.
I'm hoping to challenge myself and at the end of the year I will create a poetry book out of all 365 poems to be published in Lulu: KD Bissonette with my others.
I like poetry and I think it will be a good challenge of my abilities!!

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