Monday, December 12, 2011

Am I Ready?

{Post: 346/365}
I am NOT.
I have a party to get food ready for on Saturday.
I have a few gifts left to organize and wrap.
I still need to go shopping!
I cannot do anything right now because it is excrutiating torture just to get from the couch to the bathroom!
I am suffering yet another gout attack at CHRISTMAS time! Is this some kind of punishment? I really begin to wonder you know cause it not only annoys my husband but also MYSELF that he has to do everything for me right now. I mean it is really lovely to be cooked for and taken care of but I hate annoying him and I HATE trying to explain to him how I want things done when it would be easier to do it myself if it wasn't so painful! :(
I guess that I will just have to roll with it as usual. It's not that he can't do things perfectly well it's just that I actually WANT to do these things as my gift of love to family and friends. It's all part of it for me. Passing the jobs onto him means I haven't done ANYTHING and makes me feel bad. :(
However, I am doing the best that I CAN do and I just hope everyone will understand yet again that I am not working at 100% at the moment and appreciate my effort. ;)

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