Monday, September 12, 2011


{Post: 254/365: Original Post: Sucks to Be ME}

...with new meds and the body aches and pains and adjustments that come from it.
I don't really enjoy it and yet I hope that once I've endured it the end result will be improvements. I didn't sleep well last night and I'm tired today as a result of it. I am eating because I have to but it doesn't appeal to me and I'm not sure I will enjoy the lack of appetite while not having a choice if I eat or not...if I don't eat I will PAY for I guess I eat tasteless, blah stuff and know that it will be good for me anyway.
Sometimes I just really HATE this stuff that has been dropped on me and that I have to find a way to get through and find a positive attitude about while I do.
Today is a little better than yesterday but, I still don't feel awesome...but, I will endure...

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