Tuesday, September 13, 2011

30 Day Personal Challenge-Post #2

{Post: 256/365 Original Post: FEEL Me}
What is your stance on religon? 
Would you affiliate yourself with any?

I believe that organized religion is a way to give like-minded believers a place of worship and a home that they can belong to and share their belief and love of God IN.
Having said that I ALSO believe that organized religions use fear and guilt to keep control of their congregations.
I have been involved with many of the Christian religions through the years and I am grateful for ALL I have learned from ALL of them but, I do NOT expect that I will find a path that returns to the confines of a church that will judge me for who I am.
Who I AM is between ME and GOD and NO ONE else!
If you need religion by all means have it. Follow it, cherish it, revel in it. It is your path but, it is NOT mine.
I believe in GOD. I believe in FELLOWSHIP. I do NOT believe I must conform to a set of religious beliefs belonging to this one or that one to do so. Nor do I believe any one of them is MORE right than another. Furthermore, I DO believe that an intelligent individual should be well informed about ALL religions before they can make an appropriate well educated decision about the validity of them. SO...I am trying to LEARN...new things, new ways, new cultures, new religions, new ideas, and along the way I am SURE that I will find TRUTH. From where exactly, I don't know but it has been said that God works in mysterious ways so if I have FAITH that the right things will come to me when I need them...I believe THEY WILL!!

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