Thursday, September 8, 2011


{Post: 250/365: Original Post: I AM a QUEEN}

Are YOU aware that you are beautiful?
I know that we all measure and weigh ourselves against the world's and society's standards of what beautiful is and many of us are found wanting on that score.
Are you AWARE that is your own perception of yourself?
Based on what? Whether or not you fit into a the world's sub standard view of what beautiful really is? I mean, we all know a beautiful woman when we see one. The kind that even turns other women's heads and causes envy and jealousy and for the rest of us to feel inferior and that we just don't measure up...if only we were thinner or taller or had blonde hair or pouty lips or long luxurious curly hair or WHATEVER it is about those other women that make us doubt ourselves.
YOU are beautiful just as you are!
You need to see all the wonderful, positive things about you as your OWN distinct beauty and love and accept YOURSELF!
When you do this all the love and acceptance and compassion you hold for yourself will shine through you and other people will see you as you truly are!
We are ALL beautiful in our own way and all we have to do is learn to recognize this self when we look at her in the mirror.
Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder but, it is also deeper inside you than can be seen with only a set of eyes so cherish well the people who see and know the truth of YOUR beauty and remind you of it regularly for they are TREASURES but, more importantly LEARN to see your own beauty well and cherish YOURSELF!

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