Monday, August 29, 2011


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Hmmm...I think I really want one.
Is it a substitute for a baby? Dogs and kids are so much work!
I say that it will be Gib's dog but, I'm pretty sure we all know that it's gonna be momma's...just like all the cats are too!
I'm NOT sure I AM ready to do all the work but, I am sure it would be a very good experience for Gibby and I'd like him to have a dog. I'd like him to learn responsibility for something other than his xbox which I might add he is not the greatest at cleaning up after! So I sure hope he will love the dog enough to care properly for him!
Anyway, I will think some more about it and it will be conditional upon whether or not he shows his dad and I any improvement in the aforementioned xbox cleaning-up-after-playtime!
Good luck Gibby! Work HARD!!!!

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