Tuesday, August 2, 2011

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #42

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Girls SHOULD...
The only way to know the opposite sex better is to make friends with them. Many of them.
A friendship with a boy is not the same as a relationship. It is much more relaxed and easy going and gives you (usually) a more practical and rational perspective on things.
Even if they are only your friend they will still do things to help you out and make you feel appreciated and happy because they are your FRIEND and they do care that you feel good about hanging out with them and that your friendship is mutually beneficial.
I love boys and I love them as friends. They tell me the TRUTH about whatever I want to know but, most of all about other guys. If they think he's a jerk they will say so, they will almost always be right and you can trust that they CARE about your best interests in that because they don't want to see you get hurt.
Whether a boy is your boy friend or just a friend they DON'T like to see you cry so will do whatever they need to do to keep that from happening! BUT, if they can't prevent it you can be sure they will then do whatever they can to cheer you up and stop it. They'd really just rather be hanging out and having a fun time together but, will also want to help you when you are feeling sad and try to get you to feel better however they can...usually by being silly and making you laugh!!
Boys are FUN and sweet and charming and silly and funny and a hundred other things and being friends with them can make life better, richer and full of laughter.

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