Saturday, August 6, 2011

50 Day Things Girls SHOULD Do Challenge: Post #45

{Post 217/365: Original Post: (45/50) Girls SHOULD}

Girls SHOULD...
A little bit of flirting is good for everyone!
I'm NOT talking about stuff that goes over the line. I'm simply talking about the words and gestures we use with each other to let each other know there is an attraction.
It leaves a person feeling good that someone else finds them likable and desirable!
It helps us boost our own self-confidence and self-esteem and what could possibly be wrong with that?
If you feel like flirting, flirt! You serve no-one by squashing your own sense of self and well-being just to keep from having jealous spats wit your significant other!
AGAIN, I am not talking about things that cross the line...I am only talking about harmless, feel good flirting with someone you have an appreciation for and who reciprocates.

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