Tuesday, August 23, 2011

10 Things to DO to LEARN to VALUE Yourself! #8

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Make ME time.
Whether it is a few minutes a day, a full day once a week, a weekend once a month or whatever other time frame works for you it is good to make time for yourself. Pamper yourself, have a relaxing bath, read a good book or whatever it is that allows you to feel relaxed and comfortable and recharge yourself to take on life again.
We all need time to ourselves to assess and even reassess what we are feeling, what we want, if we are on our right path or going in the right direction.
We need a place of peace and quiet for thinking. or whatever it is that allows us to spend time on and with ourselves and to realize both that we need this time and attention and that we DESERVE to have it. Many times we put our families, friends, children, jobs and other obligations before ourselves so that we get run down and exhausted and often forget why we even do all that.
If we always make sure to make ME time we will soon recall that we are just as important as everyone else and will then be able to re-prioritize all the elements of our lives into the appropriate sections and time allotments so EVERYONE gets a fair share and the things that are not so important can be given up for the betterment of all.

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