Monday, January 23, 2012

Things That BUG Me

{Post: 23/365}
ants in the house
putting in a movie and having to rewind
cleaning kitty litter
boys who leave the toilet seat up
cigarettes in the toilet
onions in my food
raunchy or graphic sex scenes in movies...I have an imagination!
liars, cheaters, wife beaters...equally disturbing
spelling errors even though I'm not perfect either
getting red-lined by a spell checker when I spell CANADIAN words!
writing a whole blog post that disappears before it's saved
aching kidneys from cold, burst cysts, infection or at all
gout in my feet and being unable to walk without excruciating pain
not remembering how to work the tv remotes and having to ask one of my boys to explain...AGAIN!
getting warm and cozy and relaxed with kitties and needing to get up for any reason!
my husband (just kidding) :oP 
people who assume because I'm messy that it's ok to add to the mess
people who throw their junk in my corner...I clean mine (or don't)...YOU clean yours!
other people cleaning my kitchen and then not being able to find my things :(
(I really do appreciate the help)
hubby stealing MY popcorn!! (which he JUST did!!) grrrrrrrrr
finding Papa Yeti on the floor
songs that I hate that get stuck in my head (we all hate that!)
not being able to drink beer with my boys! :(
when things that make normal people tired actually make me feel exhausted
days when I am tired for no reason especially when I have had plenty of sleep
missing favourite shows
losing my internet connection
going camping for a weekend and it being cool and overcast all the days... 
except the one when we're packing to go home
and tonnes more things I can't think of!!!!

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