Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ode to Footwear

{Post: 24/365}
warm woolly socks inside lace-up combat boots
leopard print pumps
summer flip flops in various colours
warm, soft, fuzzy slippers
boots with zippers, buckles and chains
platform boots with red flames!
silver wedding slippers
burgundy pointed toe mules
hot pink pointy-toed ass kickin boots!
comfy, worn, old cowboy boots
chunky heeled lace and zipper up boots
my favourite converse-like painted on KISS shoes
summer slip-on wedge sandals
pumps in various colours
2" burgundy slingbacks
fabulous red/blue colour changing "dancing" pumps
warm, fleecy, soft, comfy bootie slippers
beaded, leather moccasins
gorgeous 3" heel ruched black "hooker" boots (that's what my friends and pop call them!)
pumps, wedge sandals and mules with lace, roses, sparkles and bows
in all the colours of the rainbow
but mostly black, burgundy, blue, green and sometimes red
and even more than these...
BUT most of all
I LOVE to go barefoot!

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