Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Story of Two Lilac Trees

{Post: 14/365}
the first tree
was purchased
from a mail order catalogue
it was special
and cost twenty dollars
it was planted and grew for a year in my yard
transplanted to my mom's yard
when I moved home
it was years away from blooming
but there was hope...
and then...
a younger brother
and a lawn mower mishap
my lilac tree was mulched!

the second tree
was purchased
from the same catalogue
another chance
and hope renewed
it was planted in the front yard
and surrounded with it's own little white fence
but alas...
another younger brother (hubby's this time)
and a truck parked on the very spot
above the snow
and after the spring thaw...
poor lilac baby was dead!

My lesson?
DON'T purchase fancy lilac trees
and plant them anywhere 
that little brother's travel!!
(just kidding guys)


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