Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fasting Blood Sugars

{Post: 29/365}
(for all the other diabetics out there who I'm sure hate fasting blood sugars too!!)

why do they ask
a diabetic
to fast for 14 hour blood sugars
I mean I understand
they need to know
if your sugars are managed
but don't they know
how miserable fasting can be?
I eat every two hours
not a whole meal
not a lot
but something
and if I miss a meal
or am late eating
I get the shakes
I get really, really BITCHY
and cranky
I can also get dizzy, weak 
and an upset tummy
and then...
other things that we don't want to discuss
this may happen if I have gone an extra hour or two
past my eating schedule
can you imagine what happens
when I have not eaten 
for 14 hours!?
fasting blood sugars SUCK
and I wish there was another way
to get this information
I'm taking
Diamicron (gliclazide)
and Insulin
every day
morning sugars can already be a 5
so when I fast
I wake up in a LOW
VERY low
I am fasting after dinner
and tomorrow will be an ordeal!
Find another way to get
fasting blood sugars!!!

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