Thursday, January 5, 2012


{Post: 5/365}
Pretty little baby
soft little furball
came with brother
Our Baby Bug.

Pretty little princess
calico beauty
more timid than brother
Our Princess Bug

Big round belly
Momma to be
ugghhh that brother
Our beauty, Lady Bug

Proud little momma
two litters of kittens
fixed that brother!!
Our sweet Momma Bug

Two litters of three
Two didn't make it, four left
one a home, two lost and one here
Relaxed Queen Momma Bug

Snarky old momma
Hisses at her daughter
no more brother (lost) 
Our Snarky Momma Bug.

Be safe old momma
it is dangerous outside
too many lost, too sad
Stay with me AGES, MY Precious Lady Bug.

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