Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas Wishlist

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Just in case anyone-who-gives-me-presents-is-actually-reading-this-blog-and-wondering-what-to-give-me! LOL

  • bubble bath, bubble bath, bubble bath (please no PEACH scent)
  • wire work beading magazines are always appreciated
  • I really DO like gift cards or certificates for (Walmart, The Craft Nook, or even dinners)
  • MAKE me something...YES I DO love COOKIES!!! (because I AM a diabetic and I no longer bake them or buy them for a Christmas goodie tray makes my whole day!) :) Also I appreciate crafts and things you make yourself (and a great example is a very simple bracelet Josh made me one year and I wore it every day for months because I loved it so much!!) -I also like ornaments for my tree ;)
  • candles (I'm fond of cinnamon, vanilla, lavendar, gardenia, jasmine)
  • honestly there is nothing I want more than that you show up for Christmas Dinner, share a joyful evening of family/friends, good food, good music, and TIME with me and maybe give me a HUG (or a kiss under the mistletoe-you know I love a mistletoe kiss lol)...bring is more than enough to make me feel loved and appreciated and HAPPY :)
  • and just in case you don't remember reading it can NEVER go wrong with bubble bath. Bath time is my relax time. I get rid of stresses that way and I'm always running out of bubbles!! So you'd be helping me de-stress if you bring me some! ;)  ( I LIKE berry scents, flowery scents, sugary/vanilla scents, really anything but PEACH or MANGO lol)

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