Saturday, November 12, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge-Post #28

{Post: 316/365}
January- We began a new year with hope for a better one than last year. We had a rough winter for money and I had problems paying for medicine for awhile. However, we managed to get through it. We had a Triple Birthday Bash for Shawn, Mary and Nicky and it was a fun time! I also began blogging my 365 day blog. 
February- I began working with my MUSE in his group Breaking Question of the Day in earnest and answering questions regularly. I also began to recognize the goddess inside myself and start writing and sharing my thoughts about that. This month marked Gib's 10th birthday and hubby, Gib and I had a lovely crab leg dinner for Valentine's Day!
March- I started writing more about being a QUEEN and also began planning a girl's weekend for all of us to enjoy which didn't end up working out.
April- This month I spent a week in bed from a cyst bursting and causing me four days of pain and kidney ache. It was the first time for this to happen. We also celebrated our 13th Anniversary on the 18th and went out for a nice dinner together as we do every year. :)
May- It was hubby's 40th birthday this month and we celebrated with our friends and family by going out for dinner at the hibachi table at Wabora and then getting together at our house afterwards. Everyone enjoyed their dinner and we had a fun party! 
June- My daughter turned 21 this month and we enjoyed the beginning of summer with warm days and sunshine.
July- My son turned 22 this month and we began planning and preparing for our August Adult Camping trip we do every year. I started going to book club with the girls.
August- I made an appointment to get my newest tattoo in Sept. and started getting really excited for it! I turned 41 this month and I realized that being in my 40s feels really good. I like where I am and I like who I am. We went on our camping trip and for the most part had a great weekend. Some things happened over the course of the summer that came to a head at the end of the month and caused a BIG change in my life and in our group. I stand for MYSELF in the end and that is FINAL.
September- Hubby decided he was having his usual labour day party even though I decided I didn't want one. We did have it though and it was fine. LIFE goes ON!
October- This month marks our annual Halloween party and we had a good time. Hubby's sister even came for awhile and we enjoyed that! We've missed her being there every year since she moved away and it was awesome to have her be part of it again this year! 
November- It is in the middle of the month now and I am trying to plan Christmas, make presents, plan our annual dinner party, soon think of decorations, get ready for winter with hats, boots, mittens etc. for the kid, and otherwise manage all the STRESS!! LOL
December- This will be full of snow, Christmas, family, friends, LOVE, and hopes, dreams and wishes for the next year to be bigger and better and full of beauty and JOY! :)

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