Saturday, November 12, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge-Post # 25

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     Hmmmm, well there is never very much to tell about my day but, here we go...
I wake up around 7:30am every morning and take my meds, get my first coffee and make my son's lunch and get him organized and off to school. Then I may do a load of laundry or dishes in the dishwasher and make myself something to eat and sometimes have a second coffee. I may eat a cheese/croissant sandwich or an egg/english muffin sandwich. After I eat I will check facebook, play games, catch up on my blog posts, watch tv or a movie or an old episode of seaquest on Netflix. Sometimes my friend will call and I will talk to her for awhile.
By now, it is probably lunch time and I will try to find something to eat. Usually I have a sandwich, but sometimes leftovers or soup. After lunch pretty much more of the same though perhaps if I have done laundry then I will put it in the drier. In two hours it will be snack time at which time I will have an apple or other fruit, crackers and cheese or a package of pringle sticks or bits and bites. I don't really like most of the sweet things like granola bars so I opt for other kinds of snacks. Sometimes I will have a bath in the afternoon and relax before my son gets home from school. When he gets home he'll play xbox and I will figure out what I'm cooking for dinner.
When hubby gets home we'll have dinner and then we will spend the evening watching all our favourite shows on tv. 
After that will be bedtime.That's pretty much a usual day in my world.

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