Sunday, November 13, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge-Post #29

{Post: 317/365}
HOPES, DREAMS and PLANS for the next 365 days:
     I am hoping beginning January 2012 to write a POEM a day for my 365 Words of the Day blog and continue writing and improving in each of my others.
I also HOPE to finish a book I've been working on and send it to a publisher. I PLAN on 2012 being MY year!
I plan to continue doing my best to follow my diets, get more exercise and otherwise continue to work hard keeping myself healthy and in upbeat positive spirits.
   I hope to continue helping my friend answer Breaking Questions and believe that we are helping people solve or at least feel better about their issues.
I hope to continue working on my businesses and if not make a living at least sell what I have now to make other changes and choices in the coming year.
I just HOPE most for a better year than the last one and a little growth, change and more of the family and friendships that make my life...LIFE!

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