Saturday, November 12, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge-Post #27

{Post: 315/365}
     Hmmm...well days and weeks run together to make a month that may include also visits to town for Dr. appointments, eye appointments, visits to the diabetic clinic, visits to the kidney care clinic, visits to the lab for bloodwork or other tests, days spent in town hanging out with my friend, going out for lunch, window shopping, sitting in the park, book club and any other extra activity that may come about for someone else's birthday or other celebration or just a random get together because someone decided they enjoy our company and wanted to hang out for an evening! :)
This month is only half way through but is mostly planning and preparation for Christmas which is NEXT MONTH! OMG!! I am making ornaments this year but I haven't even started yet so I'm beginning to feel pressured and stressed which is the NORM for this time of year! I won't settle down till I am finished all that I need to accomplish.
At the end of this month I will put up my Christmas tree and decorate and be ready to enjoy Christmas which is my favourite time of the year!! 
All in all, my life is good. :)

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