Tuesday, May 8, 2012


{Post: 129/365}

Erasure Poem Form. (Taken from original post: BEAUTY~09/08/2011 in I AM a QUEEN)

Are YOU aware
that you are beautiful?
Whether or not
you fit into
the world's standard

we all know
a beautiful woman
we feel inferior
and we just don't measure up
...if only

YOU are beautiful
just as you are!
all the wonderful,
positive things about you

your OWN distinct beauty
is all the love and acceptance
and compassion you hold for yourself
and other people will see you as you truly are!

We are ALL beautiful
in our own way
Beauty IS deeper inside you
than can be seen
with only a set of eyes

so cherish well the people
who know the truth of YOUR beauty
for they are TREASURES
but, LEARN to see your own beauty
and cherish YOURSELF!

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