Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Offer of Friendship

{Post: 131/365}
I want
to touch
your heart
with my heart
when like meets like
and spark of

I want 
to touch
your hand
with my hand
knowing my touch of
warmth and compassion 
is welcome

I want 
to touch
your mind
with my mind
in an everlasting
and ever changing
dance of intellect

I want
to touch
your spirit
and energy
with the essence of me
and share the comfort
of friendship

I want
to touch
your face
with gentleness and love
so you will know
the depth of my feeling 
for you

I want
to hold you close
and shelter your hurt
with a warm hug
a pat on the back
and all the support
in my heart

I want
to touch
your SOUL
with all that is me
inside mine
so that you will KNOW

This is 
the touch
of my heart
mind and soul
and the friendship
I will offer
to YOU


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