Friday, May 11, 2012

Don't Worry, Be Happy

{Post: 132/365}
(love and miss you DAD xo)
what would you tell me
to do 
to get through this life

what would you say
to encourage me 
on this journey

i wish i still had
the benefit
of your knowledge and experience

i wish i had as much
fight and hope
and endurance for tomorrow

i am just trying
to get through today
with my spirit intact

i am not sorry
that i am here
and i hope that you never were either

where I am now
was just an accident of genetics
and not really anyone's fault

I am trying daily
to adopt a positive attitude
and follow your advice

because I finally DO 
"don't worry, be happy"

I AM strong because of you
but there are times 
when I miss you so much 

it would be easier
if you were here with me
but somehow I will find my way

I will always be grateful
for the time
that I did get to share with you

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