Thursday, February 16, 2012


{Post: 47/365}
tension tightens
in my shoulder and neck
and creates
a headache
I endure
by closing my eyes
and resting
I give up
and give in
and take something
to ease the pain
but it doesn't last
I can feel myself
clenching my jaw
gritting my teeth tightly
and it does nothing
to ease the pain
or slow the tightening of stress
in my body
I take a deep breath
and try to relax
I try to remember
don't worry, be happy
hakuna matata
(no worries)
but I am a worrier
and I don't handle stress
very well
I aim for sleep
blessed sleep
and for awhile
I am released
until my dreams
cause me to wake
and recreate the stress
for new reasons, or dream reasons
but all the same
I worry too much
and it hurts
I think I really do
need to learn
to meditate and breath deeply
without stress!!

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