Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Father's Hat

{Post: 50/365}
it's just a hat
except it is 
it hangs on my wall
gathering dust
but every time I look at it
I FEEL my father
I feel his sense of humour
so very like my own
I feel his strength
and I know that 
I am strong too
because of him
I feel his hope
for himself and for me
and I remember him saying
"don't worry, be happy"
and I understand what he meant by that
although some days it is still a challenging sentiment
to follow
I feel his spirit
and I know that he is always with me
in spirit, and deep inside me
even if not
in reality
because I carry his memory
in my heart
and in the HAT
that hangs on the wall
of my bedroom
he made it himself
so it's no wonder I feel him
his blood and sweat and love
are in every seam and stitch
I cherish forever
the HAT
that will always hang
on the wall in my bedroom
and  remind me
of my father's
love, spirit, hope, life and joy

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