Sunday, October 21, 2012

I Will Fight

{Post: 293/365}
what will 
tomorrow bring
but more
stress, worry
and fear
I don't believe
I am strong enough
not to fear
not to doubt
not to wail and moan
and cry in misery
and sorrow
for my plight
and yet I know
that I will take a breath
and another
and I will
each moment
as I am faced with them
I know
that I will fight
in the ways that I know
in the ways that I have
and I may yet learn
new ways as well
i will learn
not to worry the tomorrows
but to cherish
and to follow the path
wherever it may lead
trusting the journey
trusting that I will be cared for
in ways I can't even imagine yet
not only will I LEARN
but I will leave bridges behind me

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