Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Angel With An Edge

{Post: 296/365}
when I began
I could hardly believe
the possibility
or the existence of
earth angels
which are simply
people with
deep love and compassion
who bring light
and healing
to others
throughout their lives
friends often tell them
"you're an angel"
but of course
we don't really believe that
even if we are flattered
and sometimes even frustrated by it
but I have learned
to embrace
the truths and the lessons
I have begun to understand
it has made clear
many things about myself
that felt so different
and I am still
but now
I'm not afraid to be ME
I'm not afraid to love
I CAN and DO
shine a light into the darkness
for many
encourage and support
and even inspire
and I AM human
so I am NOT pristinely pure
but I AM
an angel
maybe just...
an angel with an edge

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