Friday, January 3, 2014

Jan. 3, 2014

Not home today so I'm late with a post but it is my choice to correct that immediately by writing a quick poem about my cats:

have you ever
taken a moment
to look deep
into the soulful feline eyes
of your furry friend?

have you ever
taken the time
to wonder
at the thoughts and emotions
these eyes hold?

have you ever
taken the time
to recognize
which look expresses
the clearest emotion?

it is not always a look
it is a tail twitch
or flattened ears
to signify irritation...

but have you seen
the eyes that speak
of empty food dishes
or water bowls
or the desire to go OUT?

and have you noticed
the sweet
contented eyes
of a feline friend
hopelessly and unfailingly
in love with your cuddles?

and what about
the eyes of disdain
that scoff
with a secret smile
and derision for your idiocy?

but my favourite
eyes of all
are the ones I see
when I have been away
and then return
and have so obviously been missed

or the sweet loving ones
given as a gift
along with companionship
and commiseration in my sickbed

the most beautiful
eyes of all
are three pairs turned on me
from the foot of my bed
when I am sad or in pain
and I am LOVED.

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