Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Thank You Daddy

my heart
is deeply sorrowful
and the missing you
aches inside of me
and I still wish
that you were here
to "get" my
weird sense of humour
to laugh with me at all
every time I smell
Old Spice
I think of you
and every time
I smell leather
so when I found
this little leather braid
play piece
in the lacing container
I wanted to use it
to have a piece of you
with me
the spirit piece
and the memories
are the best ones
but it gives me joy
to have a piece you made
added to it 
a piece that I made
and it reminds me of times
we spent together
making leatherwork
fighting sometimes
laughing sometimes
sharing creativity
and joy
it's a treasure
and a reminder
of your love
thank you

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