Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Foul as %&#@!

{Post: 339/365}
there are days
when you seem
to wake up
on the wrong side
of the bed
tired and irascible
everything goes from 
bad to bad
and worse to worse
out of anything good to eat
you eat crappy things
and your mood gets worse
until finally 
something positive happens 
to lighten your mood
and you finally eat something 
hoping to get back on track
have a nap to catch up on sleep
and THEN
wake up with an upset tummy
no better an attitude
and the knowledge that you need things
and can't afford them
and your mood goes
fouler than foul
so you started out foul as %&#@
and ended up 
NOT even remotely
thinking that is FUNNY
at all!!!!!!!

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