Sunday, November 18, 2012

Crocheting for Christmas

{Post: 323/365}
I am crocheting
gifts for Christmas
and as I crochet
I remember
the grandmother
who taught me to
crochet flowers
locked away in a bin
is the bedspread she made me
crocheted by hand
made with love
all the more special
because I understood the WORK
she put into it
and somewhere a pillow
made by my own hand
to match
but more
the gift...
the GIFT
of not only a skill I could master
but a talent I could cherish
and for you, grandma
I am grateful

then I also remember
the other grandmother
my nanny
who always made us
socks and mittens
for Christmas
even while the arthritis
in her hands
made it difficult
and before she had to stop
she would knit
and I never could figure out how
to knit
but my mother knows
 I am struck
by the passage of time
and the loss 
of so much
and I wish
that my daughter
wanted to learn
to crochet
but maybe
just maybe
I will be the grandma
who teaches her own
grand daughter
to crochet flowers
or toys
or something else

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