Saturday, August 18, 2012


{Post: 231/365}
there has to be
a reason to care
has to give it to me
or inspire me with it
or show me the result
of not caring
remind me
why does it matter?
what can I do?
CAN I do something?
someone has to touch
the inside of me
with the heart
of the matter
with their own
and understanding
with their sorrow
with their joy
with their creativity
with their reason
with their heart
with their mind
with their soul
why exactly
do I want to bother?
and then
when they open up
and share
all of these things
we become connected
and I begin to care
about their passions
and sorrows and ideas
and before long
I will be a line of defense
and a warrior
fighting battles alongside them
throughout life
someone has to care
and I will also 

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