Monday, March 5, 2012


{Post: 65/365}
how to explain
or express
that every time
some new 
and disturbing
change occurs 
in my body
I feel
I accept 
that PARTS of this
are mine to own
and I could have done 
better things
made better choices
but much of this
is NOT my fault
it is the accident
of my birth
into a crappy gene pool

from one parent
the gift of
polycystic kidneys and gout
from the other parent
a family history
of diabetes
as well as arthritis
which won't help later at all
so I try hard
to make changes
and better choices 
but it is hard 
and sometimes life
and circumstance
fight against me 
in a steady stream of obstacles
it is a daily struggle
but I keep fighting
and hoping
that slow and steady
really does win the race
because otherwise
tomorrow looks bleak
and I don't want 
to meet it

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