Wednesday, March 28, 2012


{Post: 84/365}
ooey gooey cheese
could I give it up?
I think NOT
I LOVE cheese
from ricotta baked in jumbo pasta shells
(with other things and sauce)
to cottage cheese
both by itself and baked into
with a bit of cheddar,
mozzarella and parmesan too
grilled cheese sandwiches
and then just cheddar
or havarti
or swiss cheese
slices on turkey, ham or corned beef on rye
or just cheese alone
and even a bag of
cheese curds
and pepperoni sticks
for snacking on camping trips
not to mention
a lovely brie
either baked into an apple cranberry puff pastry
covered with a nut and caramel sauce
served with crackers
and cream cheese both plain and flavoured
on bagels or toast
sometimes also with slices of fruit
or my favourite
mixed with bacon, green onions, sour cream and cheddar
inside a sourdough bread
BEST party dip EVER
does it sound like
I can give up CHEESE?

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