Sunday, October 16, 2011

I FORGIVE MYSELF for mistakes.

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EVERYONE makes mistakes. It is how we learn!
Don't beat yourself up endlessly for them. Just accept that you made a mistake,let it go and move on. Carrying it around with you and pounding yourself into the ground every time you think of it just keeps you from acceptance and growth.
Let it go!
Forgive yourself for being human and fallible and then learn whatever thing it is you NEED to learn from it and try not to DO IT AGAIN.
The purpose and point of a mistake is that we own and accept it, apologize for it if necessary, LEARN from it, FORGIVE ourselves for whatever part we played in it, and then LET IT GO and move on from it.
It is a good thing to remember the lesson so that we don't repeat mistakes unnecessarily but it is not good to carry it around with you like a cancerous growth inside of us.
It will eat away at our soul until we find letting go of it almost impossible. It will become such a part of us and we won't know or understand life without it.
It can be debilitating.

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